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August 9, 2023

WhizAI and Real Chemistry Partner on AI Patient Journey Solution

WhizAI and Real Chemistry Partner on AI Patient Journey Solution

Solution provides accurate and contextual insights for better patient care and outcomes.

NEW YORK (Aug. 9, 2023) – WhizAI, a leading generative AI-powered analytics platform purpose-built for life sciences and healthcare today announced a strategic partnership with Real Chemistry, a leading provider of AI-driven insights and marketing and communications for the healthcare industry. The companies will collaborate on a dynamic patient journey visualization and analytics solution that leverages Real Chemistry’s robust AI and analytics engines. The new offering will make it easy for clients to access accurate, contextual insights and visualize the process patients go through from diagnosis to treatment to better understand access, affordability and adherence to treatments.

Patient journey mapping works to identify and understand the details of all patient touchpoints within a specific healthcare experience. It illustrates the process patients go through to receive care, complete a treatment plan, and/or reach a desired outcome. When patient journey maps are done correctly, they efficiently identify pain points, discover opportunities and re-align treatment and care approaches across the healthcare ecosystem. Together, Real Chemistry and WhizAI will build a robust patient journey software solution specific to the demanding needs and complexities of the regulated healthcare environment. This will help clients better understand how best to market to identified audiences in ways that are most authentic to the patient experience. 

“Real Chemistry is a leader in uncovering insights for complex diseases and mapping treatments by using vast amounts of patient-level data,” says Bijal Karande, Vice President, Partnerships, WhizAI. “Together, our newly introduced solution leverages generative AI to streamline the process for clients to access precise, context based, and real-time insights. This enables more informed decision-making and expedites the determination of optimal next steps for improved patient outcomes.”

“At Real Chemistry, we believe that healthcare is personal and that every patient’s story is unique,” said Dan Fisher, Practice Leader for, part of Real Chemistry. “We have spent the last five years perfecting the science of finding patients with AI and machine learning. Now we are bringing focus to the detailed and varying patient journeys across therapeutic areas. By coupling Real Chemistry’s robust analytics engine with WhizAI’s generative AI-powered visualization platform, we are democratizing analytics for life science customers. Patient journey mapping isn’t new, but this dynamic platform will allow users to ask questions about specific disease states and, through generative AI and analytics, have their questions answered with best-in-class data and insights, enabling better patient outcomes.” 

About WhizAI

WhizAI is a leading generative AI-powered analytics platform purpose-built for life sciences and healthcare. It puts insights directly into the hands of business users empowering decision-makers to drive more informed and faster business decisions at lower costs. With its deep understanding of the life sciences and healthcare domains and user intent, the platform delivers insights without the delays of traditional BI dashboards. Fast, easy, and scalable, WhizAI is transforming analytics with self-service analytics, zero-code dashboarding and automated insights generation making WhizAI the trusted partner of choice at top global companies.

About Real Chemistry

Real Chemistry’s mission is to transform what healthcare is to what it should be by leveraging the industry’s most advanced AI-powered insights, diverse expertise and customer-centric ideas. We help the healthcare industry better understand, reach and engage patients and professionals – while creating healthcare experiences that span diagnosis to adherence – to ensure therapies meet and exceed their potential to impact lives. Learn more at

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