Purpose-Built for
Life Sciences

AI models pre-trained on life sciences terminologies, processes, and personas.

Domain-specific, automatic insights tailored to critical use cases in life sciences.

Seamlessly fits into your existing stack. Easily access WhizAI within Veeva or Salesforce.

Trained on Life
Sciences Data

When you train AI with generic data, you get generic answers that don't provide the insights you need to make informed decisions. Not with WhizAI. Trained on massive amounts of life sciences data and processes, WhizAI provides cognitive insights that your users can trust and act upon instantly.

Natural Language Interaction,
No Keywords to Remember

Unlike search-based analytics platforms, which require users to learn predefined keywords, WhizAI’s NLP-based user experience allows life sciences users to ask questions using their own words via text or voice without any training or coding.  Achieve 100% user adoption with WhizAI.

Zero Code Environment

Pre-trained visualization AI and domain-specific models automatically generate insights on-demand. No software to create, test, and maintain. Your users gain faster time to insights and up to 50% total cost of ownership savings.

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise-class connectivity, scalability, and security are built into the WhizAI platform architecture. Using out-of-the-box connectors, you can easily integrate disparate data from different systems to get a complete view of your business. The compute and storage-optimized design allows WhizAI to answer your questions in a split second, even with thousands of concurrent users. Integrated enterprise-level security and governance ensures data protection at rest and in transit.


Learn. Empower. Transform.