Make Insights Driven Commercial Teams a Reality

From the field to the home office to the board of directors, everyone gets access to the real-time intelligence they need to drive the best business decisions.

Why WhizAI for Brand Insights

  • Fine-tune brand strategy with continuous AI-powered insights that dig through your data to instantaneously show changes in customer behavior.
  • Get deep insights into performance drivers to develop and refine brand strategies and effectively fine-tune planning efforts.
  • Increase ROI across the organization - including improved sales efficiencies, product maximization, and overall competitive advantage with advanced machine learning-based insights.
  • Enhance market planning and situation analyses and improve forecasting accuracy by incorporating multiple datasets and metrics.

Monitor Brand Health

Rapidly track critical metrics for new and inline brands and provide a holistic view of brand performance by combining multiple data resources, domain expertise, and analytics to identify opportunities and challenges to provide the best path forward. Track brand uptake within key customer segments and specialty groups at a sub-national level, monitor physician adoption, productivity, and switching behaviors and easily understand early launch performance by tracking KPIs.

Track Physician Adoption

Provide rapid insights into business activity and patient growth to assist with targeting efforts and brand strategy. You can easily monitor trial and adoption, source of business, and brand share and volume by multiple groups like target type, geography, and specialty groups. Evaluate physician characteristics that adopters share: specialty, geography, payer mix, target segmentation, coupon/voucher utilization, and call activity.

Track Brand Performance

Uncover the valid drivers of product and market performance to fine-tune planning efforts. Paint an accurate picture of market dynamics at national and sub-national levels. Identify opportunities and threats rapidly by tracking key metrics such as new therapy starts, switching, source of business, and treatment patterns.


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