Accelerating Insights Across the Entire Organization

Help every life sciences team from R&D to manufacturing to commercial make smarter insight-driven decisions, faster and at a lower cost.

The WhizAI

Imagine your entire organization accessing insights specifically relevant to each individual - no need to learn software, keywords, or coding and no static dashboard to sift through. All they need to do is ask a question in their language:  13X13, 4X4, batches impacted by deviations, patient enrollment performance, and much more to uncover actionable insights down to the zip-code level in seconds.

The right insights at the right time and place

WhizAl's advanced machine learning algorithms pinpoint changes in prescription patterns, stagnating sales, market share changes, patient drop-offs, or batch deviations and deliver easy-to-consume alerts and notifications. Our unique bring your own ML model (BYOMM) approach simplifies operationalizing custom machine learning models to make things easier.

100X faster than traditional BI

Pre-trained on life science data sets like APLD, manufacturing quality, clinical operations, and many more, our scalable analytics engine delivers split-second responses across billions of records. Thus, providing real-time insights and a single version of the truth to the entire organization.

100%+ user adoption, best in industry

Life sciences businesses using WhizAI see their entire organization adopt our solution for their information needs. Teams in the field or office quickly make WhizAI a part of their processes, accessing the insights they need via the web, mobile, SMS, and collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams.

Lowers TCO by over 50%

Lower the TCO of your analytics portfolio and shorten time to value by automating no-code dashboard creation. Our visualization Al generates on-demand charts and creates personalized pinboards without any human intervention. This reduces the dependence on expensive programming, improves TCO by 50% or more, and allows clients to go live in as little as four weeks!

Commercial Operations

The power to analyze your business intelligence is now where it belongs, with users exploring insights to drive more informed and faster business decisions to boost commercial growth.

Field Sales Analytics

Give your field reps the power to get the same deep data insights on the road or in the office. There is no need for software training which frees them to focus on what they do best - winning the sale. Capitalize on every opportunity, identify threats and ensure impactful sales calls with instant intelligence.

Brand Insights

Develop superior real-time insights to help make faster decisions and actions. Provide home office and field force with differentiated granular customer insights quickly to flag any deviations early in the product life cycle. Build and optimize winning customer engagement strategy and tactics, establish a stronger brand position and reduce HCP churn.

Market Access

Provide a complete view of the market with valuable, actionable insights into the method of payment, patient access, and payer support for your brand relative to competitors. Save hours of analysis by using AI to explore your payer-plan level information and ML algorithms to surface insights on market share changes, data anomalies, and spikes caused by competitive launches or even cannibalization.

Patient Services

Mitigate the risks of losing patients before it happens by using WhizAI to track every aspect of the patient journey.

Patient Experience Analytics

Get a holistic view of the patient journey- track referral, shipment, exposure, titration, and adherence to ensure patients continue therapy. Give your marketing teams insights about HCPs referral patterns and determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and non-personal promotions.

Medical devices

Keep track of sales of every layer from product line to each SKU. Easily assess the effectiveness of your accounts and contracts with readily delivered insights. Cut through all the unknowns and easily track sales, quantity, or anything from a PO to rebates.


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