Zero Code Environment

Out-of-the-box AI models and metrics combined with an intuitive interface allows you to jump-start with WhizAI from day one - no coding or learning required. Leverage the zero-code environment to achieve greater user adoption, faster time to insights, and significant cost savings on software development and maintenance

Natural Language Interaction

Interact with WhizAI through conversations. No keywords to remember, no need to learn pre-defined, rigid queries. Ask questions in your own words through a conversation box at any time, and get a relevant, comprehensive, and contextual result back in a flash.

Out-of-the-box AI Models

Use pre-trained AI models to support critical business functions like market access, field sales, marketing, manufacturing, and patient services, saving you time and resources to build, train, and test your own models.

Out-of-the-box Statistics and Metrics

Kubernetes-based microservice deployment drives faster time to production. Deploy WhizAI anywhere you like – in public/private cloud, and start using it within weeks rather than months or years.

Simplified, Intuitive Analytics Experience

In addition to interacting with WhizAI via simple conversations, you can also build, save, and share Pinboards in just a few clicks within our Explorer interface. This streamlined analytics process allows you to query, analyze and share insights and dashboards in one place without the need to switch between different systems.


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