Domain Cognition

Rigorously trained on life science terminologies and processes, WhizAI has an exceptional domain cognition that can internalize and respond to all and any questions effectively. Users can teach WhizAI intricate nuances, user intent, and complex relationships in their business on the fly; in return, WhizAI gives back the most relevant and contextual insights that users can trust and act on immediately.

Trained on Life Sciences Data

AI models are trained extensively on data and processes relevant to the life science industry. Ask WhizAI any analytics questions in the context of your business, including open-ended questions such as “who wrote most,” and get the most relevant, domain-specific answers that no other NLP solution can deliver.

Automatic Insights and Alerts

Machine learning algorithms proactively uncover insights by automatically scanning the data and identifying anomalies within the life sciences context. Insights are sent as alerts so that users can jump-start the root-cause analysis with a single click. WhizAI also suggests the following analysis users can perform to enable further investigation.

Customized Insights and Alerts

Integrate the insights generated from your own AI models into the WhizAI Explorer and Pinboard, so you can address specific requirements related to your subdomain and set up custom alerts.

AI-Powered Visualization

WhizAI automatically determines the best visualization to present insights.  It also understands query semantics and suggests other visualization options. For specific R&D use cases, WhizAI provides custom visualizations like 3-D charts to enable a deeper understanding of the research topic.


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