Map Every Step of the Patient Journey

Provide a holistic view of the entire patient journey through each step of the process, with real-time insights, from referral through titration and adherence.


Why WhizAI for Patient Experience Analytics

  • Deliver instant and actionable insights into the patient journey and their adherence patterns.
  • Provide a 360 view of the patient journey and the marketing effectiveness.
  • Track near real-time optimal dosage and titration needed for the patient.
  • Reduce lead time to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Ensure Patients Continue Therapy

Track patient journey in its entirety from referral and shipment to exposure and titration to adherence and quickly access insight into the possibility of a treatment gap for a patient along the process.

Give Insights about HCP Referral Patterns

Get complete visibility to your marketing teams into the HCP referral patterns and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and non-personal promotions by efficiently tracking new referrals or brand performance.


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