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Why WhizAI for Market Access

  • Understand payer/plan dynamics and market access restrictions for brands and competitors to increase access to new patients and productivity.
  • Gain faster, deeper insights into market access dynamics and provide visibility into all geographic markets supporting national and regional analytics.
  • Evaluate rejection codes to assess reasons for product refusal.
  • Track trends in patient access and reimbursement.
  • Track claim adjudication between the retail pharmacy, payer, and patient at the point of sale.
  • Add another layer of detail to ‘New to Brand’ analyses by capturing the share of different types of claims.

Market Access Performance

Understand managed market dynamics by evaluating key metrics such as the method of payment, patient out-of-pocket cost, copayments by payer, and plan for product and market.

Understand Payer and Patient Behavior

Investigate payer metrics like approval/rejection rate and rejection reasons to assess brand performance. Gain faster, better, and deeper insights into patient access to medication and patient behavior at the pharmacy.


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