Enterprise Ready

Enterprise-class requirements like interoperability, scalability, and security are built-in to the core of WhizAI's augmented consumer platform. With WhizAI, you can expect rapid deployment, effortless integration, sub-second response time, and complete confidence in your data security.

Consolidate Disparate
Data Easily

Use out-of-the-box data adapters to rapidly integrate diverse data from different systems such as Salesforce, Veeva, and IQVIA and gain a comprehensive view of the business.

Scale As You Go

Achieve sub-second response time at scale thanks to the columnar storage and in-memory indexing design built into the WhizAI architecture, delivering unmatched performance even as your users and data grow.

Bring Your Own Machine Learning Models

Support bring your own machine-learning models (BYOMM), custom charts, and calculations. WhizAI provides both live connections and batch access to the custom insights generated from your models so you can address specific business requirements without any delay.

Deploy Anywhere You Like

Kubernetes-based microservice deployment drives faster time to production. Deploy WhizAI anywhere you like – in public/private cloud, and start using it within weeks rather than months or years.

Multi-Channel Access

Access insights anywhere you like, via your end users' mobile device, web browser, SMS, Slack, or through embedded AI by integrating WhizAI natively into enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Veeva, or Microsoft Teams.


Broad Language Support

WhizAI is multilingual and fluent in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Your users can communicate with WhizAI in their preferred language from anywhere in the world.

Integrate AI and BI

Inside WhizAI, you can access dashboards built with your existing BI tools like Qlik without logging into a different system. This integrated AI and BI experience allows you to gain instant and relevant insights that enable immediate actions and gives you easy access to BI insights that you can use to support critical business operations.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Governance

Enable business self-service without compromising data security and governance. Access control can be managed at a record, row, and role level while applying user authentication via integration with LDAP, SSO (SAML2.0), or your own authentication system. Data is protected at rest and in transit, ensuring zero data loss and breaches. WhizAI is SOC 2 compliant.


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