Hybrid NLP Engine

Put human experience at the center of the analytics process. Built on a unique blend of deep learning and sophisticated linguistic techniques, WhizAI's hybrid NLP engine lets you have conversations with WhizAI the way you would with your colleagues and returns personalized, contextualized insights in seconds.

Deep Learning Combined with Linguistic Techniques

World-class NLP engine combines elegant language models with deep learning algorithms; hence, it interprets simple words and understands users' cognitive thought processes, semantics, and intent in their questions. The result is personalized insights that users can act upon right away.  And did we mention WhizAI speaks five different languages?

Contextual and Meaningful Insights

WhizAI understands the ambiguity in a question such as “sales” refers to “Units” or “TRx” so that users always receive contextual, accurate, and personalized answers.

Continuous Cognitive Intelligence

AI keeps track of each question and remembers everything asked before, so users can continue the conversation with WhizAI without repeating phrases, filters, or keywords.

Intent Detection and Slot Filling

WhizAI automatically detects missing information in a question and prompts the user to provide the critical attributes necessary to give an exact answer.

Guided Insights

Intelligent algorithms suggest the next questions a user may ask as they interact with WhizAI, allowing them to perform deeper analysis and gain more comprehensive insights.

Adaptive and Self-Learning AI

The AI model adapts and continually learns from you, the user, to improve outcomes and become more intelligent over time. Self-learning can occur online and offline to ensure timely, accurate, and relevant insights.


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