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Simplify Analytics and Deliver Insights at the Speed of Business

We built WhizAI based on one fundamental belief, that business users should be self-sufficient for their analytics needs and get timely insights.


Adopt Data-Driven Decisions and Stay
Ahead in the Competitive Market


Patient Experience Analytics

Get a holistic view of the patient journey- track referral, shipment, exposure, titration, and adherence to ensure patients continue therapy.

Give your marketing teams insights about HCP referral patterns and determine the effectiveness of campaigns and non-personal promotions.

Perform source of business analysis to measure opportunity for acquiring new to brand patients.

Why Top Global Life Sciences
Companies Choose WhizAI?

Global teams with billions of data records choose WhizAI because it is built to understand — and correctly interpret — their Life Sciences analytics needs.

For Life Sciences Business Users

Support every decision with real-time actionable insights to  outperform the competition.


True self-service analytics, simply ask questions in your business language and get answers on the fly.


Access insights anywhere via mobile, web, SMS, Slack, Salesforce, Veeva and MS Teams.


Decide and act in the moment with relevant and accurate insights that are contextual to your needs.


Gain comprehensive insights as intelligent algorithms suggest the next relevant questions for deeper analysis.


For Life Sciences Analysts and Data Science Teams

Build a single source of truth by bringing tens or even hundreds of data sources together in one analytics model.


Enhance decision-making by utilizing new data sources and easily integrating them into business processes.


Get timely insights across market sizing, patient profiling and product utilization using a no-code environment.


Bring your own machine learning model to interpret and communicate measurable results these models provide.


Conduct ad-hoc analysis at scale in a zero-code environment and readily uncover hidden patterns.

For Life Sciences IT and Data Leaders

Reduce cost and improve insights quality at the same time and enable a data-driven organization.

Return of investment

Unleash the ROI of your data by empowering users with AI-powered analytics and accelerating speed-to-insight.


Achieve 50% reduction in TCO as a result of lower development, support and infrastructure costs.


Get a scalable, intelligent analytics platform with built-in enterprise-class interoperability, scalability, and security.

Go Live

Go-live in 4-6 weeks with rapid deployment, effortless integration and sub-second response time.


WhizAI Speaks Life Sciences

No Queries No Keywords No Coding

We  constantly train our Natural Language AI on the specific language used in life sciences by sales, market access, patient services, R&D, and more. We train our AI engine on large data sets generated through thousands of life sciences users.

WhizAI Advantage: Better, Faster, Smarter Decisions at Lower Cost


50% Reduction
in TCO

Transition from legacy tools and see reduction in TCO due to lower support, development and infrastructure costs.

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5X Faster

Built, trained, and scaled for life sciences to fit your ecosystem and accommodate multiple regional and functional nuances.

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95% User

Actionable insights delivered through NLP-driven exploration, zero-code pinboards, and data stories in seconds.


< 3 Seconds Response time

Unified data model on 1B+ records with no restriction on analytics granularity, drill down to HCP level detail, in seconds.


< 30 Minutes to Build Dashboards

Easily build and release new integrated dashboards within minutes/days to increase data-driven decision making.


Faster Time to

Reduce mundane tasks for operational teams allowing skilled resources to focus on critical revenue generating analytics.

We Integrate with the
Software You Already Use



Speciality Pharma Company

Sr. Dir Commercial Excellence

Enabling information access in a complex organization is always a challenge. WhizAI solves it elegantly. This rollout was the highlight of the year.

Top 3 Global Pharma

National Sales Director

WhizAI enables our teams to be more insight-driven. It gives them the option to look at data in the manner they like and have the flexibility to be able to pull the information more quickly.



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