The Only Augmented Consumer Platform
Purpose-Built for Life Sciences

Better, smarter and faster decisions at significantly lower TCO. Thanks to contextual, AI-powered analytics.

Democratizing Insights for all Life Sciences Users

WhizAI empowers life sciences organizations by accelerating time to insight.

The hybrid AI engine combines pre-trained and configurable models and unrivaled domain expertise.

Every question asked by the user further automates the system to understand context and intent.

Predictive Insights

You can tune our models in hours for your particular business needs or connect your insight models to spot anomalies and opportunities 24/7 because WhizAI never sleeps.

Unlike the competition, our models are pre-trained on life sciences data to instantly deliver specific and actionable insights that usually take thousands of hours to uncover.

Navigating Insights
Has Never Been Easier

Automated Conversational Contextual

Spending time in predefined dashboards is over with the evolution of automated, conversational, and dynamically generated insights customized to your context- delivered how and where you need it.  Data becomes text, direction, and suggestions, telling a story rather than simply aggregating already consumed numbers.

Built for Life Sciences Users, WhizAI Speaks your Language

No Queries No Keywords No Coding

We constantly train our natural language AI on the specific language used in life sciences by R&D, manufacturing, sales, market access, patient services, and more. We train our AI engine on large data sets generated through thousands of life sciences users.

Ready to Go
Out of the Box

WhizAI bakes life sciences domain expertise into our product as we intuitively understand life science language, data, and analytics.

We Integrate with the
Software you Already Use


Speciality Pharma Company

Sr. Dir Commercial Excellence

Enabling information access in a complex organization is always a challenge. WhizAI solves it elegantly. This rollout was the highlight of the year.

Top 3 Global Pharma

National Sales Director

WhizAI enables our teams to be more insight-driven. It gives them the option to look at data in the manner they like and have the flexibility to be able to pull the information more quickly.


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