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October 2, 2023

WhizAI Announces General Availability of ExplAIn: Automated Insights for Life Sciences 

WhizAI Announces General Availability of ExplAIn: Automated Insights for Life Sciences 

Somerset, NJ, Oct 2 – WhizAI, the leading provider of generative AI-powered analytics for the life sciences and healthcare industries, announced the launch and general availability of “ExplAIn”. ExplAIn is a groundbreaking capability of the WhizAI augmented analytics platform and is designed exclusively for life sciences analysts and power users. 

ExplAIn leverages state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms, unprecedented domain expertise, and cutting-edge generative AI, to automate insights so professionals can make data-driven decisions better, faster and smarter. 

Key capabilities of ExplAIn:

  • Anomaly Detection: machine learning (ML) algorithms proactively uncover insights by scanning through data and these insights are sent as alerts so that users can jump-start root-cause analysis with a single click.
  • Causal Analytics: the platform applies ML algorithms and generative AI to identify possible factors for change or specific patterns. The groundbreaking approach lets users quickly add domain knowledge to analysis without retraining the model.
  • Narratives and Storytelling: AI automates and simplifies complex analysis, generating narratives that intelligently describe insights.

“Today we are excited to announce a new approach to the future of data-driven decision making in life sciences. ExplAIn’s automated insights are intuitive allowing users to make rapid, data driven decisions without the need for manual analysis." says Rohit Vashisht, Co-Founder and CEO, WhizAI. "ExplAIn promises increased cost efficiency and speed of insights for commercial pharma such as understanding market dynamics, improving sales force effectiveness, optimizing marketing strategies, and enhancing competitor analysis and market positioning.”

ExplAIn is different in the augmented analytics market and in delivering automated insights due to several factors:

  • Built for power users and analysts - unlike competing analytics platforms which target data scientists and IT, ExplAIn is targeted to business analysts and power users.
  • Life sciences domain specificity - domain specific models make analytics and insights generated by the platform more relevant and accurate for analysts and business users in life sciences.
  • Built for life sciences scale - ExplAIn is able to analyze  huge volumes of data in real time to surface insights that are otherwise hidden in a montage of data and requires hours of manual effort. 

“ExplAIn is not just another generic tool, but a game-changer in life sciences analytics," says Amitabh Patil, Co-Founder and CTO, WhizAI. "Unparalleled scalability empowers teams to process vast quantities of data with ease, detecting anomalies in the data and extracting key drivers that impact performance. explAIn also automates and simplifies complex analysis by generating narratives that intelligently describe insights and provides predictive capabilities that allow users to stay ahead of market dynamics.”

With its automated, intuitive, and intelligent approach, ExplAIn is redefining the role of analysts and power users. ExplAIn is designed to empower users with the flexibility to customize factors and fine-tune analytics to meet their unique business challenges and objectives. It eliminates the need for costly training infrastructure and extensive preparations. At its core, the engine operates based on user-defined parameters, revolutionizing the way data is analyzed and interpreted in the pharmaceutical industry. 

To learn more about ExplAIn schedule a demonstration or contact our sales team at

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