May 17, 2024

Discover the Benefits of AI-Driven Analytics from WhizAI

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
Discover the Benefits of AI-Driven Analytics from WhizAI

Furthermore, when an AI-driven analytics platform like WhizAI is designed specifically for life sciences by a team with extensive industry expertise, businesses do more than overcome data analytics hurdles – they gain a competitive edge in their markets.

Technologies Behind WhizAI AI-Driven Analytics

Many analytics solutions market themselves as AI-driven. However, the type of AI built into the solution affects how fast, user-friendly, and accurate it is. WhizAI features a hybrid natural language processing (NLP) engine that includes:

  • Natural language query (NLQ):
    WhizAI’s platform is built from the ground up for conversational experiences. NLQ allows users to ask questions naturally as if they were speaking to a colleague.
  • Natural language understanding (NLU):
    To create the best user experiences, WhizAI leverages NLU to give the platform the ability to discern intent, even if the user asks the question in an unusual way or misspells a word.
  • Natural language generation (NLG):
    WhizAI leverages NLG to produce answers to users’ questions in ways they can easily understand them. The platform also automatically chooses the optimal visualization for data based on the question users are asking and the insights it responds with.
  • Deep learning and machine learning:
    These types of AI process information effectively and continue to learn as users interact with the platform. WhizAI adapts to user behaviors and the types of information they’re most interested in and tailors future responses to align more closely with what users are looking for.

AI-Driven Analytics Bring Value to Teams Throughout the Life Sciences Organization

  • Field Sales: AI-driven analytics can help sales reps find top opportunities, even at the ZIP code or physician level. Additionally, managers can more easily track sales and individual reps’ performance
  • Market Access: WhizAI can provide a market access team with the data necessary to improve formulary and patient enrollments, including comparisons with competitor activity in the market.
  • Patient Services: The patient services team can improve treatment adherence by analyzing patient data and supporting the course that leads to the best outcomes.
  • Data Teams: When data teams work with numerous datasets, it takes time to query them to determine which are best to use in analyses. WhizAI can make that process faster and more efficient, saving time and enhancing the quality of insights they deliver.
  • Clinical Development: AI-driven analytics can reduce the time and costs of clinical trials by replacing manual processes, quicker analysis, making data easily available to all stakeholders, and immediately identifying any adverse effects to researchers can adapt the trial.

WhizAI Features

Augmented Analytics

WhizAI is designed for people throughout a life science organization to easily access the data insights they need to make informed decisions that lead to better results. Users don’t need extensive data science knowledge or training to use WhizAI. They can get the answers they need by only asking a question in natural language.


WhizAI is designed specifically for analyzing data in complex life sciences scenarios. It’s pretrained to understand life sciences data and industry terms and can analyze data from primary and secondary datasets. Also, because it’s pre-trained, deployment is faster and more efficient.


The AI-driven analytics platform from WhizAI is ready for enterprise use. It utilizes microservices architecture with Kubernetes to provide a reliable, scalable platform. It also integrates with the applications that life sciences companies use, such as Veeva, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce.  WhizAI keeps data secure with enterprise-grade security and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Limitless Scalability

WhizAI is capable of analyzing petabytes of data in less than a second, and it can scale to analyze more data sources and greater data volumes without losing speed or performance.

Insights Access on Any Device

WhizAI enables users to access insights whether they’re working on a PC in the office or using mobile devices on the road. The platform is as easy to use as a social media app, allowing users to easily build data-driven decision making into their workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take WhizAI to deploy?

WhizAI can deploy in 4-6 weeks, with the WhizAI team focusing on getting access to the right dataset, setting up the model, system testing, user testing, and rollout.

What types of questions can WhizAI answer?

WhizAI supports anomaly detection and automated insight generation using a life science machine learning model and supports the next best analytics to identify problems more effectively.

What WhizAI features are most commonly used across real-world deployments?

We see that field users prefer to use the explorer for instant answers to questions without having to use numerous dashboards. Additionally, suggested queries help users get easy access to frequently asked questions. Some organizations also use pinboards as their primary interface.

Does WhizAI offer multi-language capabilities?

Yes. Along with English, WhizAI is proficient in G5 languages.

Are sales reps’ work kept private in WhizAI?

Yes. Privacy settings in every organization will protect data privacy, and capabilities within the platform can be restricted by role.

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