September 19, 2023

Embarking on a Promising Career as a Solution Consultant at WhizAI

Saroj Hange
Saroj Hange
Embarking on a Promising Career as a Solution Consultant at WhizAI

A Solution Consultant’s Role at WhizAI 

WhizAI is a generative artificial intelligence platform specifically trained for life sciences that allows business users to access data analytics insights independently. They don’t need data science expertise—or to request that the data team build a new dashboard or run analyses. Instead, users ask questions in natural language, and WhizAI understands the queries and terminology that life sciences teams use and responds with accurate, contextual insights. 

Prajakta’s role is to connect WhizAI to the life sciences organization’s data sources and create data models, which her experience in pharma helps her accomplish with skill and expertise. “Some analytics companies only look at data from a technical standpoint. However, it’s more effective to take a real-life perspective. You need to ask which question the data needs to answer for the business,” she explains. “Then you need to tweak how the data is formatted to get the insights the business actually needs.” 

She adds that because WhizAI is an augmented analytics platform that leverages advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and natural language query (NLQ), she must also consider how life sciences business users speak. “How the home office team asks a question might be different than field reps,” she explains. “They may also ask questions that require different levels of analysis.” The model must recognize synonyms and similar phrasings, and for some companies, the platform must also have the capability to understand the five different languages that WhizAI supports. 

“I need to understand each client’s needs so I can mold data in a way that works for them while also creating a flexible model that can scale with the company’s needs,” Prajakta says. 

A Solution Consultant Never Stops Learning 

Although Prajakta came to WhizAI with experience in SQL and data modeling, she continues to build her knowledge in her new role, for example, sharpening her JavaScript skills. “In terms of the AI world, however, it’s all new to me,” she says. “I worked on traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions in the past. With WhizAI, analysis is so flexible. Users have more control than I ever saw previously, even to switch between visualizations.” 

Prajakta says the WhizAI team is available and helpful as she learns about the technology—and they’re also helping her grow into her role. Her days are filled with client calls and meetings with the WhizAI team. “I’ve had chances to work with the partner engagement and NLP teams and leadership. Everyone is approachable and welcomes feedback that helps to shape the project,” she comments. “I’m looking forward to interacting with more teams at WhizAI and learning how they work.” 

Even though Prajakta has been with the company for less than a year, she has contributed significantly. She participated in two proofs of concept (POCs), one for a life sciences marketing team that pulls GA4 data and the other for internal costing. “They both converted to projects, so I’m pretty happy about that,” she says. 

Finding Her Passion

Since joining WhizAI, Prajakta has found AI intriguing and can see that interest influencing her career path. “I want to learn as much as I can, and I’m heading in the right direction with AI,” she says. 

However, she also keeps her eyes on the big picture and understands the impact of generative AI for the life sciences space on the industry. “I feel like I am a part of something that can truly change business processes,” she says. “It’s a really nice place to be.”

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