April 11, 2023

Finding Job Satisfaction Through Customer Success

Saroj Hange
Saroj Hange
Finding Job Satisfaction Through Customer Success

Abhishek “Vicky” Kumar, Solutions Lead at WhizAI, says one of the most satisfying parts of his job is figuring out the correct solution to a client’s problem and ensuring customer success with the company’s augmented consumer platform for life science analytics. 

Vicky, who joined the startup in 2018, says working at WhizAI was immediately different from other positions he had held previously. “I was the third team member hired in India and directly interacted with customers rather than receiving assignments from managers. I was the only stakeholder on many projects,” he says. 

Although Vicky stepped into the unknown by accepting the new position, he says, “It opened the horizon of how I can approach new problems.” 

Going the Extra Mile for Customer Success 

He recalls when WhizAI won its first client, a top-five U.S. pharmaceutical company. “The product was nascent at that time with basic functionality, and the client wanted its employees to be able to request data and receive insights via SMS because end users might be using the platform where internet access is sketchy.”

Because WhizAI’s mission is to make analytics easy to access for all life science users, Vicky took up the challenge, regularly engaging with the company’s CTO and CEO. “It was a big deal to figure that out successfully,” he comments. “That success was also validation that WhizAI was heading in the right direction and that it was going to be big from there onward.” 

Another client expressed that they’d need some changes to their solution based on their workforce’s needs. Vicky was able to provide the customization within a few weeks. “The customer really appreciated it,” he says. “It feels great to have that kind of appreciation after you put the effort in.” 

“Each project, of course, is ours, but we also consider clients as part of the project. We want to see customer success. We don’t want clients to have a bad experience using the product. That inspires us to find a solution,” he says. 

Strength in Numbers

Vicky points out that a standout characteristic of the WhizAI team is its workforce. “The team is very dedicated, and we’re all aligned to the company’s vision,” he says. “Contributing to the cause is actually a pleasure rather than feeling like work.”

He adds that when he needs to solve a problem, he has the whole team behind him. One example is when WhizAI needed to support the G5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) for a European client. “Our product was able to add that functionality, but we had no way to test it. I didn’t speak all five languages.” 

He recalls, “The global WhizAI team stepped up, and we were able to deliver the project and do it successfully.”

Growing into Leadership

In the years since Vicky began his career with WhizAI, the India team has grown, and he has advanced to a leadership role. However, his mission of ensuring customer success remains the same, now guiding team members to find solutions for clients and deliver them. “I help them help our clients. That’s what I like doing,” he says. 

“Overall, it’s been a great journey,” Vicky says. “The experiences I’ve had at WhizAI have helped me to become the person I am, from leadership skills, tech expertise, and people skills. It’s groomed me to become a well-rounded professional.”

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