WhizAI Pharma Marketing Analytics and Sales Analytics Creates a Foundation for Team Alignment

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
WhizAI Pharma Marketing Analytics and Sales Analytics Creates a Foundation for Team Alignment

The Benefits of Pharma Marketing Analytics and Pharma Sales Analytics from One Source

A Single Source of Truth

WhizAI enables life sciences companies to use data from internal and external sources to create an accurate picture of the market, their brands’ performance, and opportunities. Both sales and marketing teams – as well as R&D, market access, patient services, and the executive teams – use the same analytics platform for insights rather than using different BI dashboards for different teams.

Real-Time Insights

With WhizAI, pharma sales and pharma marketing analytics are based on the truth today – not one set of insights from a few weeks ago vs. a current analysis. WhizAI automatically updates the most recent data available, allowing users to access insights on demand.

Contextual Insights

Although sales and pharma marketing analytics are based on a single source of truth, insights are highly specific. Users can request information they need on a single brand’s TBRx among a subset of physicians in a region, and WhizAI will provide the answer in less than a second. That information is accurately and consistently delivered to both sales and marketing teams.

24/7 Access to Data Insights

Whether your marketing or sales team is on the road, about to walk through the door to a meeting, or working in the office, WhizAI is easily accessible from within the business applications they typically use, such as Veeva, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. Users can also access pharma sales and pharma marketing analytics insights from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

What Does IT Take for Life Sciences Employees to Use WhizAI?

With WhizAI, all a sales rep or marketer has to do to get an answer is ask a question. WhizAI’s hybrid AI engine combines pre-trained and configurable models to deliver unparalleled domain expertise. Additionally, life sciences companies using WhizAI leverage both data from primary and secondary data sources to provide a 360-degree view of their markets. Within highly scalable WhizAI, sales and marketing teams can find all the answers they need. Furthermore, WhizAI doesn’t require data or IT teams to intervene to deliver that information. The augmented consumer platform for life science analytics is designed for everyone in the organization, even people without “data scientist” in their titles, to have quick access to pharma sales and pharma marketing analytics. Using natural language processing (NLP), WhizAI understands the way humans communicate and answers with text, metrics, or visualizations that are easy for users to consume. WhizAI is also pre-trained for life sciences, so pharma sales and marketing teams can use it right out of the box with just a few minutes of training. Insights from WhizAI allow marketing and sales teams to create and tell a value story from product development and clinical trials to commercialization.

What Makes WhizAI Different from Other Pharma Sales and Pharma Marketing Analytics Platforms

  • No-Code Environment:
    WhizAI isn’t only easy to use to access insights, but it’s also easy to configure. Users can reduce their dependence on data or IT teams by up to 60% with the platform that allows users to configure their own dashboards, choose their preferred visualizations, and access insights by just asking a question.
  • Tech in the Background:
    Users don’t have to think about how to use the analytics platform or how WhizAI’s technology works. They quickly become accustomed to just asking a question and getting the pharma sales or pharma marketing analytics insights they need. It’s as easy to use as a social media application.
  • Ease of Use:
    Pharma sales and marketing teams don’t have to learn keywords or phrases to use the model. WhizAI allows users to speak as if they’re talking to a colleague, and the platform understands and gives a relevant response.
  • A Path to Increased Revenues:
    When sales and marketing teams base their decisions on accurate data in real-time, they have more visibility and more control over the effectiveness of their campaigns and sales processes, greater agility to adapt to changes, and more power to improve the bottom line.
  • A Data Culture:
    When users see how easy it is to use WhizAI, quickly get the pharma sales and pharma marketing analytics insights they need and build data-driven decision-making into their daily workflows and adoption skyrockets. Most companies see 100% user adoption.

Contact WhizAI to learn more about our augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics that gives companies the basis of marketing and sales alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much data can WhizAI analyze?

Tests show WhizAI can analyze petabytes of data and still deliver accurate, contextual insights in a sub-second. It’s more than up to the task of pharma sales and pharma marketing analytics.

Is WhizAI enterprise-ready?

WhizAI is designed for enterprises with regional or global presence and includes multilanguage functionality. The platform is highly scalable, reliable, and secure, and multifactor authentication (MFA) prevents unauthorized people from accessing corporate data. It also integrates with business applications that life sciences companies commonly use.

Can WhizAI provide alerts?

Yes. WhizAI learns what’s most important to users and can provide alerts when numbers fall outside acceptable parameters, such as engagement resulting from a marketing campaign, leads, new prescriptions, or gains by a competitor.

Does WhizAI replace dashboards?

WhizAI can work as a standalone solution, but many life sciences companies choose to use it as a complementary solution. WhizAI allows organizations to reduce the number of dashboards they maintain from more than 20 to about 5.

How quickly does WhizAI deploy?

Because it’s pretrained for life sciences, WhizAI deploys in just a few weeks, shaving weeks or months off deployment time required with a generic AI platform.

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