August 31, 2022

Read All About It!!!! WhizAI Automated Narratives Enable Faster, Smarter Decisions at Lower Costs

Read All About It!!!! WhizAI Automated Narratives Enable Faster, Smarter Decisions at Lower Costs

Narratives are highly effective in adding contextual information around visualizations making it comprehensible by reading or listening; and create an imperative, qualitative backbone for what you’re analyzing. In most instances, this requires the involvement of third-party products to ensure narratives can be linked to visualizations in order to build one-off dashboards. But this requires additional IT maintenance, resulting in an increase in development costs—and more.  

WhizAI has the capability with the new incorporated generative AI to intelligently automate and describe insights within its own platform—with a complete understanding of the content and intent of every question generated. This efficient, homegrown key-feature allows for more accurate and insightful narratives. 

Direct Benefits of Automated Narratives

WhizAI can generate narratives around a visualization that optimizes key findings and results with the answer to your question; highlighted, in color, and brought to life in text. This benefits end users such as pharma field analytics, sales, and marketing teams directly by eliminating a middleman allowing users to see the results clearly and wholly, while simultaneously providing contextual highlights and key takeaways. 

WhizAI automated narratives benefits end users by:

Eliminating manual analysis:

Users can bypass manual inference when automated narratives paint the full picture; utilizing visualizations, percentages, and abstractive textual summaries through deep learning models that weigh the significance of each part of the input data to generate the narrative.

Saving time and money:

Users can eliminate follow-up questions previously requiring review and analysis by IT departments.

Improving decision making:

Having the ability to make quicker, informed decisions at lower costs prevents lost opportunity. 

Making analytics pervasive:

Not everyone has an appetite for numbers and analytics. This is a great way to enable analytics at scale in an organization.

Additionally, automated narratives are tuned for life sciences and healthcare based on intent. For example, users can customize the narrative per data source (e.g. prescription metrics might need language around “prescriptions recorded” or “prescriptions written”) or gain augmented insights. A user asking for top brands/regions might also want to know his/her own brand/region performance specifically.  

For example,  here is an analysis that compares a very common request for a 4x4 NRx by brands. In this example, the narrative can be simplified to call attention to growth brand Emarun and highlight its growth in green as well as highlight Arobi in red with the sharpest decline.

In summary, WhizAI provides ML/AI automated narratives that can reduce the maintenance and upkeep of your dashboards and analysis as well as allow customizations that improve the relevance of generated insights across your organization.

WhizAI’s evolution continues - Customers benefit from improved Data Management and BI Strategy

Data Management

Broader connectivity includes Snowflake support. A leading data cloud platform, Snowflake enables users to build data-intensive applications without operational burden. Modern and adopted by our installed base, it’s ideal for life sciences.

BI Strategy

An effective and thorough BI Strategy can improve efficiency and maximize performance within an organization. WhizAI’s improved pinboards now incorporate hyperlink support, allowing users to pull information on-demand to be visualized within a pinboard.

For example, when conducting analysis on patient care, users can see imperative content in real time, which could include a display or list of prescriptions for a patient. In addition, action fields increase the ability to set statuses for patients. This allows patient progress to be monitored effectively because patient statuses can be observed and changed appropriately, based on their progress through their care—over time. When it comes to quality patient care, this can make all the difference.

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