July 2, 2019

RPA + Conversational AI: A Cognitive Leap for the Enterprise

Saroj Hange
Saroj Hange
RPA + Conversational AI: A Cognitive Leap for the Enterprise

WhizAI & UiPath Combine Forces to Create the Best Cognitive On-Demand RPA Platform in Pharma

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Conversational AI are powerful standalone technologies. In simple terms, RPAs are automation bots and most Conversational AI are virtual assistants. Enterprise-grade conversational AI platforms find it hard to connect with myriad applications in a complex organization to deliver comprehensive business information while RPA’s find it challenging to grow beyond repetitive processes in the back office.

Recently, WhizAI partnered with UiPath, a leading enterprise RPA company, to ensure our clients can leverage automation with access to the best RPA software and a smart conversational AI to compete in an increasingly “intelligent economy”. This collaboration enables us to bring RPA mainstream in an organization by automating singular and ad-hoc processes for end business users like sales, marketing, and executive leadership.

Our joint solution can connect with legacy applications, data sources without APIs and online sources inside and outside of an organization. UiPath and WhizAI establish a cognitive on-demand RPA in the enterprise: the WhizAI RPA Communicator.

Through this integration process, we learned that while RPA automates repetitive, rules-based business processes and eliminates inefficiencies, WhizAI provides a gateway for end business users to use it for their daily activities. RPA bots do not come with a conversational interface, which is where we think WhizAI’s RPA Communicator is adding value, as we believe; the world will soon be conversations first! The convergence of RPA and smart communicators can help business users streamline their daily workflows and information access, here's how.

Conversational AI is a greenfield technology that is not just focused on simple Q&A type interactions. Its learning interface can understand high-level user intent and pass that to a task-oriented bot to gather any insights needed and execute the necessary tasks via the bot. Business users can simply text or speak to the WhizAI RPA Communicator and ask to look up sales, inventory or colleague information, or update an opportunity in the CRM application. It can even be linked securely to applications without an API and sources outside the organization.

An RPA plus Conversational AI can exponentially increase your ROI on current RPA assets by improving adoption with new use cases and more end users. The human-like access layer for all your underlying software improves the range of actions that are typically correlated with back end processes.

We believe that these two technologies gain more power when implemented together. In the future digital world, both are expected to bring great value to every sector, industry and business type.

To learn more about WhizAI RPA Communicator, get in touch with our experts.

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