May 29, 2024

Life Sciences Companies Need to Get on Trend with Self-Service Analytics Solutions

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
Life Sciences Companies Need to Get on Trend with Self-Service Analytics Solutions

The Advantages of the WhizAI Self-Service Analytics Solution

  • A solution for the real world:
    Many platforms claim to be self-service analytics solutions; however, most aren’t particularly user-friendly. Employees may be required to undergo hours or days of training so they can adapt their workflows to the solution.

    WhizAI, however, believes the solution should adapt to the employee. Our platform is just as easy and intuitive to use as a social media app.
  • Focus on the question and answer, not a dashboard:
    By leveraging natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and other forms of AI, WhizAI takes self-service analytics solutions to a new level. Instead of looking through cascades of dashboard windows on a computer, all a user has to do is ask a question, and WhizAI responds with contextual insights.
  • AI that knows the language of life sciences:
    WhizAI also stands apart from the competition by focusing on providing a domain-specific platform. WhizAI’s AI solution is pretrained for life sciences, enabling faster deployment than a generic solution. Furthermore, WhizAI understands life science acronyms and jargon so that employees can interact with it naturally, right of the box.
  • A way to create a data culture:
    Success is a phenomenal incentive. When life science employees see how making data-driven decisions can give them autonomy and lead to better outcomes, they’re sold. It’s common for enterprises using the WhizAI self-service analytics solution to see 100% adoption and, ultimately, greater competitiveness.

How WhizAI Drives Informed Decision Making

WhizAI leverages several advanced technologies to create a user-friendly self-service analytics solution. Our platform uses deep learning algorithms and sophisticated linguistic techniques, including natural language processing (NLP). Therefore, it can understand the intent of users’ queries, whether they’re perfectly worded or not, and deliver actionable insights in less than a second.

In addition to delivering quick insights and reducing the time from data acquisition to insights, WhizAI also provides life sciences companies with a single source of truth. Team members from the C-suite to R&D, sales, market access, and patient services draw insights from the same data, supporting greater consistency and organizational alignment.

What the WhizAI Platform Brings to Self-Service Analytics Solutions


Legacy analytics solutions typically require weeks – and data or IT resources – to analyze data. WhizAI reduces that process to simply asking a question, reducing disruptions to workflows. In addition, WhizAI’s solution uncovers patterns and identifies anomalies, pointing users to the best next steps and continued competitiveness.


WhizAI is designed to scale. While BI dashboards have a limit to the number of data sources and volume of data they can analyze, WhizAI can analyze petabytes of data without a loss of performance. In addition, WhizAI’s microservices architecture managed via Kubernetes provides expandability and extensibility to address the changing needs of a dynamic industry.


WhizAI not only delivers intelligent insights but also displays them optimally. The platform automatically determines the best way to present insights and learns user preferences, so the information most vital to them is given priority.


A self-service analytics solution must include strong security measures to ensure that only authorized people have access to company data and insights. WhizAI validates users with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to control access and continually monitors the platform to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

Data ROI

With WhizAI, life sciences companies can finally see a return on their investment in data. Employees have insights more quickly and easily, allowing them to use data-based insights in their daily workflows. WhizAI can work as a standalone solution or to complement dashboard solutions, reducing the number of dashboards its IT team manages from 20+ to 5; therefore, it also lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data analytics.

Self-service analytics lowers costs and improves outcomes by delivering insights directly to the people who need them when they need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much IT support does WhizAI require?

Your IT and data team will be involved in deploying WhizAI, but once users have access, they can use the solution, including choosing visualizations and drilling down for HCP-level insights, on their own.

How long does it take to get an answer when you ask WhizAI a question?

WhizAI can analyze billions of data points in a sub-second.

How long does it take WhizAI to use newly available data?

WhizAI automatically updates when data sources update and deliver insights based on the most recent information.

How do users access WhizAI insights?

WhizAI integrates with the applications your employees use, such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Veeva, so they can easily build it into their daily workflows. Employees can also use WhizAI on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, so they always have access to the insights they need.

Are insights from WhizAI tailored to the user?

Yes. Unlike dashboard solutions that attempt to provide information to employees across an organization, WhizAI can take a user’s region, market, and goals into account and deliver highly contextual answers to their questions.

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