October 9, 2019

Trends and Takeaways from Future Pharma 2019

Gregory Roelants
Gregory Roelants
Trends and Takeaways from Future Pharma 2019

The Future Pharma 2019 (September 9-11, 2019) attracted over 250 pharma sales and marketing leaders exclusively in one place at one time making it ‘the’ place to benchmark your business goals with the best in the industry.

The WhizAI team – comprising of Gregory Roelants, our newly appointed VP Sales, Life Sciences and Rohit Vashisht, CEO WhizAI – was on hand during the entire event, providing vital information about conversational AI in the enterprise for commercial life sciences teams.

Our team met commercial innovators from leading pharmaceutical companies during our roundtable discussion (photo left to right) and discussed the changing sales and marketing landscape, aligning commercial functions, and evaluating how conversational AI improves field force effectiveness and access to data.

In return, we gained increased visibility into the challenges that sales and commercial ops departments are facing. Thank you to the participants who joined us to share their questions and concerns. Here are some takeaways that my team and I would like to leave you with.

“After talking to many of the conference participants, this may be the most important point I can make: Big data is big business, but we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of effectively making use of that data, especially through the lens of commercial life sciences teams."

Pharma companies are at the forefront of data creation and ingestion, but managing and accessing that data presents a significant challenge. We at WhizAI believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can play a critical role in making sense of the deluge.

Without addressing ease-of-access, the information inside your enterprise is trapped and non-actionable. By utilizing AI to serve contextual insights to sales reps in the field, that data becomes actionable, interactive, and timely.  

There are a number of great new BI tools being introduced to the market, but reps have limited time to learn new software.  WhizAI provides a single interface into a company’s enterprise data and delivers insights from these tools via automatic alerts thus empowering reps to achieve their goals. The impact on the bottom line can be significant." -Gregory Roelants  (VP Sales, Life Sciences)

“Many of the executives I met in Boston said that it is challenging for their sales reps to keep up with the pace at which data is generated by their business applications and that the reports and dashboards which are thrown at them are often lost in the sea of intra-office communications."

Forward-looking sales organizations are looking for smarter, better ways to provide contextual insights to their commercial teams.

Change management is another critical area, especially in the life sciences industry, where regulation is heavy and dynamic. Realigning data to reflect new org structures is a thing of the past. Modern analytics platforms must automatically adjust for it.

Nobody has the time to drill down into reports and dashboards or sit through hours of training. Users are demanding human-like interfaces that let anyone ask questions and find answers with seamless mobile delivery.

At WhizAI we have created a conversational AI platform that enables contextual insights and daily workflows for life sciences sales and commercial ops teams using voice and text on desktop and mobile. We are democratizing enterprise data and enabling access to insights via human-like conversations.” -Rohit Vashisht (CEO, WhizAI)

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