Why Select WhizAI for Pharmaceutical Marketing Analytics

The next great idea a pharmaceutical company’s marketing team lands on, whether a traditional tactic, innovative use of social media, or a one-of-a-kind guerilla marketing campaign, needs a key component for success: Data. However, traditional BI dashboard solutions can’t deliver data insights at the speed of business, which may mean teams don’t have the pharmaceutical marketing analytics necessary to make informed decisions in time for launch.
WhizAI’s augmented consumer platform for life delivers insights quickly and makes pharmaceutical marketing analytics accessible to every team member, regardless of their data analytics expertise. Marketers ask questions and get the information needed to plan the most successful campaigns, monitor progress, make adjustments, and see a healthy marketing return on investment (ROI).

WhizAI Pharmaceutical Marketing Analytics Features

  • Real-Time Data:
    With WhizAI, there’s no need to wait for data insights. Marketing teams can access information on-demand rather than wait for a data or IT team to work analysis into its schedule.
  • Industry-Specific Training:
    Generic AI platforms may claim to work for life sciences use cases. However, they take months of training before they can deliver relevant, accurate insight to life sciences teams. WhizAI is pre-trained for life sciences and deploys in just a few weeks.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP):
    WhizAI leverages NLP, which allows the platform to understand a pharma marketing team’s question using terms, phrasing, and acronyms they’d normally use – and answers using terminology and metrics that users are accustomed to.
  • Contextual Insights:
    Pharmaceutical marketing analytics from WhizAI are specific to the product, market, and region the team asks about, unlike dashboards that are created to provide information to a broad range of users.

How WhizAI Works

WhizAI combines data from primary and secondary sources and quickly analyzes petabytes of data within a sub-second – and it automatically scales as data volumes grow. This gives marketers the ability to use both industry data and internal data from marketing campaign performance to optimize campaigns with minimal intervention from the data team.
WhizAI’s hybrid AI engine combines pre-trained and configurable models to provide industry-leading domain expertise. Furthermore, every time a user asks a question, asks follow-up queries, and interacts with the platform, WhizAI learns, continually refining the user’s intent and context. 
Although WhizAI can be used as an advanced pharmaceutical marketing analytics solution, it doesn’t require advanced expertise in data analytics. It’s designed to make data insights accessible and consumable, taking only a few minutes of training, regardless of data science or IT expertise. 
Additionally, life sciences marketing teams can use WhizAI as a standalone solution or as a complement to BI dashboards to paint a total picture of opportunities, marketing tactics and campaigns that have historically been most effective with the target audience and how well current campaigns are performing.

The Benefits of Instant Access to Pharmaceutical Marketing Analytics

Data-driven decision making:   

WhizAI is as intuitive as a social media app, making it easy for marketers to build data-driven decision making into their daily workflows – and see greater productivity and improved outcomes. It’s common for a company deploying WhizAI to see 100% adoption.

Less dependence on the data team:

WhizAI is intuitive. Users can create their own dashboards and choose the visualizations they prefer in a no-code environment. Life sciences companies using WhizAI decrease dependence on their IT teams by as much as 60%.

More effective marketing:

Pharmaceutical marketing analytics confirms what’s working – and what isn’t. Insights from WhizAI allow marketers to develop a product value story from development to clinical trials and commercialization.

Insights for marketers on the move:

Marketers can embed WhizAI in the applications they use, allowing them to access data insights with just a click. Additionally, users can access pharmaceutical marketing analytics from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Increased revenues:

When marketing campaigns are based on data and teams have real-time access to their effectiveness, life science companies have greater visibility and more control over the success of a campaign. Marketers can elevate brands, help increase market penetration, and improve the bottom line.

 To learn more about connecting your team with instant access to pharmaceutical marketing analytics, join a weekly demo to see WhizAI in action or contact us.

Does WhizAI have enterprise features?
The WhizAI platform integrates with the business applications that life sciences companies use. In addition, it includes enterprise security features such as multifactor authentication (MFA) to protect data from unauthorized access. The platform is also highly scalable and offers multilanguage capabilities.
How much data can WhizAI analyze?
Internal testing hasn’t found an upper limit yet to how much WhizAI can analyze and still return insights within a sub-second. It’s designed to scale with growing life science data volumes.
Does everyone use the same WhizAI solution?
WhizAI establishes a single source of truth for the entire life sciences organization. Marketers, as well as market access, patient services, sales, R&D, and the executive team, all based decisions on the same data, increasing team alignment and collaboration. However, users can configure their own dashboards to display data, visualized in the way they prefer and relevant to their own roles, product focus, and geographic regions of their markets.
How quickly can life sciences teams use updates to data sources?
WhizAI automatically updates as new data is available.
Can WhizAI provide proactive insights?
Yes. WhizAI learns the types of questions users ask and even the time of day they need information. WhizAI anticipates what users will ask and delivers information when required and can also provide alerts when campaign thresholds are met or changes occur in the industry.


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