Explore the Advantages of Augmented Analytics from WhizAI

Explore the Advantages of Augmented Analytics from WhizAI

Elements of WhizAI’s Augmented Analytics Platform for Life Sciences Insights

  • Artificial Intelligence:
    AI can analyze data faster than traditional BI dashboard solutions. The platform is proven to analyze billions of data points in less than a second and deliver accurate, contextual results.
  • Natural Language Query (NLQ):
    WhizAI users don’t have to turn to BI dashboards to get the answers they need. They only need to ask questions verbally or by typing a query.
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG):
    WhizAI not only understands the way life sciences employees speak, but it can also respond with easy-to-understand summaries and visualizations that focus on the most important information for augmented analytics consumers.
  • Personalization and Interfaces:
    Augmented analytics consumers don’t have to settle for generalized insights and limited access. WhizAI can provide answers to users’ questions that are specific to roles, markets, geographies, or other factors. Additionally, users can access WhizAI from within the business applications they commonly use, such as Microsoft Teams, Veeva, or Salesforce, whether they’re using a PC at a desk or a mobile device on the road.

Why WhizAI Is Different From Other Augmented Analytics Platforms

Although other AI platforms are designed to provide augmented analytics, not all are specific to the life science domain. WhizAI is pre-trained to understand life sciences data and terminology out of the box. It understands the terms, acronyms, and types of data life sciences teams use. Furthermore, WhizAI responds with relevant, contextual insights based on the user’s geographic region, market, product focus, and role within the company. The platform also automatically chooses the optimal visualization to present the insights that a user requests.

What Life Science Companies Gain from Using WhizAI for Augmented Analytics


WhizAI is highly scalable. It’s proven to analyze billions of data points and provide insights in less than a second, and, as data volumes and the number of data sources grow, it will continue to perform reliably. Additionally, when new data becomes available, WhizAI begins to provide insights based on the new information automatically.

Corporate Alignment

When life science companies base decisions on insights from multiple dashboards and reports, it’s possible that different people could draw different conclusions. WhizAI creates a centralized repository for data that all teams use, supporting better alignment and collaboration. Additionally, executives can use WhizAI for on-demand insights, eliminating the need for an analyst to provide summaries and any biases they may include.

Security and Reliability

Augmented analytics from WhizAI are secured with features like multifactor authentication (MFA) to ensure only authorized users can access insights and data. Additionally, its microservice architecture managed via Kubernetes ensures maximum uptime and performance, and WhizAI continuously monitors the platform and security intelligence resources to minimize the risk of cyberattacks.


WhizAI augmented analytics provide users with near-instant insights into their businesses and their markets. When life science teams need to know why prescriptions for a product are decreasing – and whether prescriptions for a competitive product are increasing – WhizAI provides answers on the spot. The platform can also highlight actionable information and point users toward the best next steps, allowing them to respond more quickly than waiting for insights from a dashboard solution.

Data ROI

Life science companies often fail to see the return on investment (ROI) they plan from data acquisition. Augmented analytics from WhizAI also puts insights into the hands of users quickly and easily, enabling them to build data-driven decision making into their workflows. Companies that deploy WhizAI see as much as 100% user adoption and, as a result, increased productivity and performance across their organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much training does WhizAI require?

WhizAI is intuitive – as simple to use as a social media app. Most users access insights after only a few minutes of training to familiarize themselves with the platform.

Does WhizAI require users to learn keywords?

Users ask WhizAI questions conversationally. They don’t have to use specific words or phrases to get the answers they need. Users can ask questions as if they were speaking to a colleague, and WhizAI understands. The platform is even capable of determining intent if the user asks in an atypical way or misspells a word.

Which datasets can WhizAI use?

WhizAI is specifically designed and trained for life sciences primary and secondary data sources – and can use as many as the company requires.

Does WhizAI replace dashboards?

WhizAI can provide value as a standalone solution or work as a complement to BI dashboards. With WhizAI, life science companies can reduce the number of dashboards they maintain from more than 20 to an average of five.

Can global companies use WhizAI?

WhizAI is a multilanguage platform and provides a centralized repository for data while providing region-specific insights to users.

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