How to Provide Insights to the Augmented Consumer for Life Sciences

How to Provide Insights to the Augmented Consumer for Life Sciences

Features of the WhizAI Augmented Platform for Life Sciences

  • Easy to use:
    The WhizAI platform for the augmented consumer for life sciences is as easy to use as a social platform. Users just ask questions in natural language, and WhizAI provides fast, accurate, contextual answers. Even people without “data scientists” in their titles can easily build data-driven decision making into their day-to-day workflows.
  • Low demand for IT support:
    Users, even those with limited technical expertise, can quickly get the insights they need, configure dashboards, and choose visualizations on their own. WhizAI’s no-code environment gives users autonomy and decreases the time to insight for employees throughout a life sciences company.
  • Scalable:
    When new data sources are available or data volumes grow, WhizAI easily scales, and an augmented consumer for life sciences asking a question will immediately receive insights that reflect new data.
  • Integrations and interfaces:
    WhizAI integrates with the business applications that life sciences teams commonly use, such as Veeva, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce, and users can access it with just a few clicks. Furthermore, WhizAI works with a smartphone or tablet as well as on a PC or laptop, enabling insights on the fly.

WhizAI Meets Augmented Consumer for Life Sciences Challenges

Life science company employees are overwhelmed with data – so much, in fact, that instead of contributing to greater productivity and better outcomes, it can slow them down. Traditional BI dashboards take time and expertise to create. Additionally, dashboards have limited scalability. Users may have to use several dashboards and reports to gain necessary insights. Then, if a team needs new information, the data team needs even more time to build a new dashboard.
The complexity of BI dashboard solutions can also result in high-level, rather than specific, insights. Dashboards are so labor-intensive to create that when the data team builds them, they try to meet the needs of as many people in their organizations as possible. So, employees often lack insights specific to products, markets, or geographic regions.
WhizAI removes the complexity of delivering insights to the augmented consumer for life sciences by replacing the dashboard as a unit of work with a question. WhizAI’s hybrid natural language processing (NLP) engine allows life science users to ask a question using the same language they’d use to ask a colleague – but WhizAI draws on petabytes of data in less than a second to provide the answer. Then, if users need more information, they just need to ask a follow-up question. WhizAI automatically provides the answers and chooses the best visualization to present the information.

The Benefits of WhizAI


WhizAI leverages microservices architecture managed with Kubernetes to provide life science companies with a reliable, scalable data analytics solution. WhizAI can integrate with businesses’ management solutions, and it’s designed with enterprise security features, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure only authorized people can access company data and insights.


WhizAI is pre-trained for life sciences. This augmented consumer platform for life sciences understands life sciences terminology and data sources out of the box. Additionally, WhizAI deploys in only a few weeks, compared to the longer implementation schedules required for generic AI platforms.

Enables Agility

The dynamic nature of the life sciences space requires an analytics solution that can keep up. WhizAI decreases the time from data acquisition to insights and enables quick action.

Builds a Strong Data Culture

Augmented consumers for life sciences insights quickly discover they can do their jobs more successfully. When users see increases in efficiency, sales performance, patient adherence, and competitiveness, they’ll build data-based decisions into their workflows. Life science companies that deploy WhizAI can see user adoption as high as 100% adoption.

Delivers Quick Data ROI and Lower TCO

Handing a life science company team a spreadsheet is no guarantee they can use it to gain the insights they need. On the other hand, with an augmented consumer for life science platform, users simply ask questions and instantly receive the answers – and the company’s data investment begins to pay off.
Additionally, the WhizAI platform requires fewer data and IT resources to support it and less maintenance than BI dashboard solutions. Life sciences companies benefit from a better bottom line as well as moving the needed on data ROI.

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