The Streamlined Path to Business Intelligence in Pharma

A current view of the industry landscape is essential to a pharmaceutical company’s ability to compete. Business intelligence in pharma provides a picture of sales performance, marketing effectiveness, drug trial status, competitor activity, prescription adherence, and more that business leaders – and employees throughout an organization – need to do their jobs most effectively. WhizAI’s augmented consumer platform for life sciences provides actionable insights to employees throughout your company, enabling informed decision making and the ability to drill down to discover root causes and guide their next steps

Why Choose WhizAI for Business Intelligence in Pharma

  • No data science expertise required:
    WhizAI revolutionizes business intelligence in life sciences by changing the unit of work from a dashboard to a question. Instead of requiring data scientists and engineers to build a dashboard, run analyses and provide reports, users merely ask questions. WhizAI leverages natural language processing (NLP) to provide answers with easy-to-understand data visualizations.
  • Limitless data volume:
    WhizAI is also highly scalable, designed to handle the massive data volumes required for analysis for accurate business intelligence in pharma. Even when your company uses multiple data sources with billions of data points, WhizAI still returns data insights in a sub-second. Furthermore, as data volumes grow, WhizAI is designed to perform just as quickly and reliably as with smaller data sets.
  • Pre trained for life sciences:
    Because the platform is pre-trained for life sciences, pharma companies can deploy it within weeks versus months that it would take to implement a generic AI solution. Moreover, WhizAI understands life sciences and pharma vernacular out of the box, eliminating a learning curve that users experience when they need to learn how to phrase a query or which keywords are acceptable. WhizAI can even determine intent for atypical phrasing or spellings. 
  • Enterprise ready:
    WhizAI knows business intelligence in pharma is just one of many facets of a company’s complex IT ecosystem. Our platform’s microservices architecture provides enterprises with reliability and limitless ability to scale, and WhizAI integrates with the business applications you use. The WhizAI team also designed the platform with a security-first perspective, ensuring only authorized people can access data and insights.

Case Study: How WhizAI Delivers Business Intelligence in Life Sciences

WhizAI makes it possible for pharma company employees in all roles within their organizations to access insights and build data-driven decision making into their workflows. For example, it helped one leading multinational pharmaceutical company overcome the challenge of integrating analytics into its business processes that it was experiencing with its dashboard solutions. Their legacy analytics platform couldn’t provide a complete view of data, particularly an adequate picture of activity in each territory or country. As a result, the company’s IT department was burdened with requests from employees with no data science expertise and analytics autonomy. By implementing AI-powered WhizAI, the company provided its employees with a user-friendly platform that, using natural language processing, translates unstructured queries, analyzes relevant data, and returns data visualizations on the fly. Furthermore, the multi-language platform allows employees based in the company’s different locations to use the platform and build their own dashboards for contextual insights. Using an intelligent platform, the company can proactively and aggressively address global market demands by leveraging more data sources for deeper insights. Additionally, the pharmaceutical company sees enhanced performance from the platform over time as the AI model continuously learns and fine-tunes responses to queries based on individual users’ needs

The Benefits for Pharmaceutical Companies

100% User Adoption

In general, dashboards used for business intelligence in pharma haven’t resulted in the ROI companies anticipated from their data investment. Companies using dashboard solutions often see average daily usage of only 30-40% -- in some cases lower. Because dashboards are complicated and users need to invest time to dig through reports to find specific answers they need, they often ignore the data in favor of expediency. With WhizAI, however, it’s easy to access insights and build data-driven decision making into workflows, resulting in high user adoption.

Improved Efficiency and TCO

An AI-powered augmented consumer platform for life sciences gives users autonomy, which decreases their dependence on a company’s data team. It’s also easier to maintain, requiring less time and fewer dedicated resources. The time and cost savings add up to a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Centralized Data and Business View

With WhizAI, all employees use the same platform for data insights versus interpreting dashboards and reports differently. The platform supports consistency and collaboration among teams and between different departments of an organization.

Faster, Better Business Decisions

Users will immediately see the stark contrast between time-consuming dashboard solutions and time-saving WhizAI. Users can find the information they need just by asking or typing a question, making it easy to consult the data before taking action. Furthermore, as employees see the benefits of basing their decisions on data, they will make it a routine part of their workflows so they can do their jobs more effectively.


Delivering business intelligence in pharma is a slow process with dashboards. WhizAI takes only a fraction of the time to provide pharmaceutical companies with information on their markets and competition, enabling them to respond more quickly to changes and position their businesses for success.

How do users access WhizAI?
WhizAI integrates with business applications pharma company employees use, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Veeva, so that they can request answers from WhizAI from within their regular workflows. Pharma company employees can also access WhizAI from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device whenever and wherever they need answers.
Does WhizAI replace dashboards?
Companies can use WhizAI as a standalone solution for business intelligence in pharma, or to complement dashboard solutions. One WhizAI customer leveraged the platform to reduce the number of dashboards their data teams need to maintain, from more than 20 on average to about five.
Is WhizAI performance reliable?
WhizAI leverages microservice architecture managed via Kubernetes to give the development team the ability to innovate and maintain the platform while providing uninterrupted functionality to users. Additionally, it continues to perform reliably when data volumes increase, analyzing billions of data points in a sub-second.
How does the WhizAI platform authenticate user identity?
WhizAI requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) before an employee can access the platform and interact with their company’s data.
How often does WhizAI update the information it uses to provide insights?
WhizAI automatically adapts to business changes, such as product launches or realignments, and factors that information into analysis.


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