Important Facts About Business Intelligence Software Companies

Important Facts About Business Intelligence Software Companies
  • All AI Is Not the Same:
    Life science companies cannot assume that business intelligence software companies that offer “AI analytics” have developed comparable solutions. Business intelligence platforms can use supervised or unsupervised machine learning, reinforced learning, deep learning, or natural language processing.
    WhizAI uses a combination of deep learning combined with advanced linguistic techniques to create a solution specifically designed for life sciences users. It allows the platform to interpret users’ literal questions and their intent and responds with personalized, actionable insights. WhizAI also intelligently determines the optimal visualization for the data.
  • Self-Service Analytics for Life Sciences:
    Solutions from business intelligence software companies also vary in user-friendliness. Business intelligence dashboard solutions require data analysts to build a dashboard to provide users with the answers to specific questions. For example, a pharma sales team may want to monitor NBRx over time, or a market access team may be interested in changes in authorizations. However, business intelligence that requires heavy intervention from the data team can mean weeks or months until a team has a dashboard that can provide the insights they need.
    Other business intelligence software companies design augmented consumer platforms. “Augmented analytics,” a term coined by Gartner, describes solutions designed to give all business users easy access to data insights. WhizAI’s augmented analytics platform leverages a large language model (LLM) to allow users to interact with it conversationally. Instead of requesting that the data team build a dashboard, users simply ask a question. The model understands users and responds with an accurate, contextual answer within an instant.
    Self-service analytics leads to greater productivity and a culture of data in which employees throughout an organization can build data-driven decision-making into their day-to-day workflows. Therefore, self-service analytics support enhanced performance among all life science teams, from field sales and market access to patient services and clinical research. Even the data team itself can save time by using a platform based on an LLM to quickly query datasets to determine which to use in analyses.
  • Business Intelligence Software Companies Can Take a Horizontal or Vertical Approach:
    Another difference that life sciences companies will find when evaluating business intelligence software is domain-specificity. Some business intelligence software companies attempt to provide a solution that can provide insights to users in a broad range of markets. However, AI models are most effective when they’re trained for a specific domain.
    WhizAI offers a solution specifically for life sciences, trained on life science data. It deploys within weeks, which sharply contrasts with the months it takes to implement models from business intelligence software companies that try to appeal to businesses in a wide range of markets.
  • The Advantages of Choosing the Right Solution for Life Sciences Analytics:
    A leading pharmaceutical company’s EMEA market serves 26 countries, and each team has unique data interpretation and analytics needs. Their legacy dashboard solution created a decentralized environment that made it difficult to gain a complete view of the market while meeting the needs of its team members in each country.
    The legacy solution also put a strain on the company’s IT team, which had to manage requests from users that didn’t have the data or technical expertise to use the solution.
    The company overcame these challenges by implementing an AI-powered analytics solution designed to give all business users, regardless of their data science expertise, to access insights simply by asking questions. The solution’s multi-language platform also allowed users to personalize dashboards.
    Read the case study, Bringing Augmented Analytics to a Top 3 Global Pharma Company, to learn more.

Business Intelligence Software Platform Features


Life science data volumes have exploded, testing the limits of legacy business intelligence dashboard solutions. Platforms from leading business intelligence software companies are built to scale as data volumes increase.
WhizAI has no limit to the number of data sources or the volume of data it can analyze without a loss of speed or performance. WhizAI’s microservices architecture managed via Kubernetes gives the platform industry-leading scalability.


Life science companies must ensure that the solution they choose has access control and security features that keep data safe and complies with data privacy regulations.
WhizAI includes enterprise-grade security features, including multifactor authentication to verify users’ identities and continuous monitoring to mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.


Giving business users convenient access to the platform makes it easier for business users to build data-driven decision-making into their workflows and increases adoption.
WhizAI integrates with enterprise applications, such as Veeva, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce, allowing users to access insights with just a few clicks. Life science teams can also use WhizAI from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs, so they can use the platform whether they’re in their office, on the road, or working remotely.

Data ROI

Ultimately, the best solution for life science organizations is one that enables them to see a return on their data investment. WhizAI reduces dependence on IT and data teams by 40% and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of analytics by as much as 50%.
Business intelligence software companies take different approaches to analytics solutions. Contact WhizAI to learn more about the right approach for life sciences companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which life sciences teams can use WhizAI?

WhizAI creates a single source of truth that all teams, including field sales, marketing, market access, production, clinical development, patient services, and data, can use.

How do WhizAI users share information?

WhizAI provides users with Pinboards where they can save insights and share them with collaborators.

Is data private in WhizAI?

Yes, data is never shared between organizations, and privacy settings within organizations restrict access by role and can keep sales reps’ data private.

How do most organizations use WhizAI?

Deploying WhizAI for field sales teams so they can have instant access to data insights without referring to numerous dashboards is a common use case. However, businesses can benefit from WhizAI in any use case where easy access to data insights can benefit their teams.

How long does it take to deploy WhizAI?

The WhizAI team provides support with setting up the model, system testing, user testing, and rollout, which typically takes 4-6 weeks.

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