May 29, 2024

WhizAI Enterprise Business Intelligence Software: Build a Culture of Decision-Making

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
WhizAI Enterprise Business Intelligence Software: Build a Culture of Decision-Making

How WhizAI Works

  • WhizAI is generative AI trained with life sciences data. The solution allows life sciences employees to interact conversationally, asking questions as if they were speaking to a colleague.
  • There is no need to rely on the IT team to build a dashboard and run analyses. WhizAI changes the unit of work from a dashboard to simply asking a question.
  • Users can access enterprise-ready WhizAI from within their business applications, like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Veeva.
  • Life sciences team members can use WhizAI at their desks or with a mobile device when preparing for a meeting or traveling.
  • WhizAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) model understands users, both literally and their intent.
  • The tool generates relevant, contextual insights tailored to users’ roles, locations, and analytics preferences.
  • Users can configure their dashboards in a zero-code environment and use WhizAI Pinboards to save information and share it with collaborators.
  • WhizAI learns users’ preferences over time to provide the best UX and the precise information they need.

WhizAI’s Enterprise Business Intelligence Software Features

Designed for life sciences companies, WhizAI helps them make data insights available to their employees in all departments and locations worldwide.

Scalable Architecture

WhizAI leverages microservices architecture managed with Kubernetes to enable scaling to accommodate larger data volumes or analyses for additional business functions or global locations. There is no decline in performance as WhizAI scales.

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Multi-Language Capabilities

WhizAI supports the G5 languages, enabling users in different global regions to interact with the platform naturally and focus on the data pertinent to their specific commercial function.

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Data Security and Governance

The platform keeps data safe. Companies have the power to control access to data and insights based on the employee’s role. Furthermore, WhizAI uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to authenticate users’ identities before allowing them to use the tool. WhizAI also has features that assist with data governance, such as de-identifying patient data or limiting the data types used in specific analyses.

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WhizAI is pre-trained with life sciences data. Therefore, users will receive accurate, contextual insights from the first time they interact with the platform. Additionally, because it’s pre-trained with the data that life sciences companies use, it deploys and builds user trust more quickly.

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Do More with WhizAI

WhizAI does more than respond to users’ queries. It provides life sciences employees with insights proactively. Automated anomaly detection provides alerts, for example, changes in the number of prescriptions, a deviation from forecasts for new brands, or other patterns that human analysts may miss. This insight allows teams to intervene quickly to prevent financial losses, customer churn or decreases in adherence to patient therapies.
Additionally, WhizAI’s Key Driver Analysis gives teams the reasons for the outcomes they see. This information can show organizations the best next steps, such as increasing the number of calls or sample drops if sales are lower than anticipated or continuing current strategies if they deliver favorable results.

The Advantages of Using WhizAI Enterprise Business Intelligence Software

Easy-to-use and reliable WhizAI makes it easy for life sciences teams to access data insights and build data-driven decision-making into their day-to-day workflows, creating a culture of data. As sales performance, marketing effectiveness, and customer satisfaction improve, employees will understand the value of this enterprise business intelligence software firsthand and make basing decisions on data a routine part of processes.
That value extends to business leadership, giving the C-suite insights on demand, eliminating the time it takes to have the data or IT run analyses and summarize it for business leadership. Like other employees, they can ask questions conversationally and immediately have the insights they need to navigate their business successfully.

WhizAI by the Numbers

  • Analytics user adoption increases from an average of 30-40% to up to 100%.
  • Productivity increases by 5x.
  • Dependency on the IT team decreases by 60%.
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) decreases by 50%.

The benefits of using WhizAI enterprise business intelligence software all contribute to increased data ROI, providing life sciences organizations with a tool that helps them achieve their business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use WhizAI with our dashboard solutions?

Yes. You can deploy WhizAI along with traditional dashboard solutions. It can also provide easy access to analytics models your data science team develops.

What types of AI does WhizAI use?

WhizAI’s platform includes a hybrid natural language processing engine that combines deep learning with advanced linguistic techniques. This enables users to ask questions conversationally, allowing the platform to understand and respond with personalized, contextual insights.

What if a user asks a question WhizAI doesn’t understand?

WhizAI has intent detection and slot filling. It automatically detects missing information and asks the user to provide additional details so that it can provide a precise answer.

What if users need deeper insights? Do they need to start over with questions?

No. WhizAI has continuous cognitive intelligence. It keeps track of the previous context and remembers what the user asked previously so users can interact conversationally.

How does WhizAI visualize data?

WhizAI automatically determines the best visualization based on the question and the insights it generates. It can also present data with custom visualizations, such as 3D charts, for a deeper understanding of complex topics.

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