Finally, a Life Science Analytics Solution that Scales

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
Finally, a Life Science Analytics Solution that Scales

WhizAI Keeps Up with Growing Life Sciences Analytics Demands

  • WhizAI harnesses the power of AI for life sciences:
    Unlike business intelligence (BI) dashboards that aggregate data and display metrics or visualizations, WhizAI uses machine learning algorithms and other forms of artificial intelligence to process large data volumes quickly, identifying patterns and providing the answer to complex questions.
  • Our solution scales to billions of data points:
    We haven’t found an upper limit yet to how much data WhizAI can analyze before it takes longer than a second to return a result. With our platform, you have the confidence that as data volumes increase, you will still have the ability to get the answers you need in real-time.
  • You can deploy WhizAI quickly:
    WhizAI is laser-focused on providing contextual life sciences data analytics insights. Our solution is pre-trained on life sciences data so that it can be deployed within weeks rather than the months required to use a generic AI platform in a domain-specific use case.
  • WhizAI learns as you use it:
    As users query WhizAI, ask additional questions and even establish a pattern of the time of day when they need answers, WhizAI learns what users need and can anticipate the information that is most important to them.

How WhizAI Works

WhizAI is the best of both worlds: It uses sophisticated technology to deliver extraordinary life science analytics capabilities and is easy to use. Behind the user interface, WhizAI’s technology, including a hybrid natural language processing (NLP) engine, delivers industry-leading domain cognition that understands and responds to any questions your life sciences team would ask in the course of their workflows. Additionally, machine learning algorithms automatically scan data to uncover anomalies or changes and alert users proactively. WhizAI also uses AI-powered visualization to determine the best way to present insights.
These advanced technologies work together to create a user-centric experience that allows members of your team to ask questions conversationally, such as the change in NBRx for a specific drug in the Northeast last week or how patient enrollment performed compared to 26x26 growth.
WhizAI doesn’t require your team to learn how to use dashboards, memorize keywords or phrases for searches, or spend additional hours drilling into reports to find the exact information they need. All they need to do is ask, and WhizAI instantly provides the answers.

The Benefits of Self-Service Life Science Analytics

All Employees Have the Advantage of Data Insights

WhizAI was created to make life science data insights available to everyone – not just people with “data analyst” in their titles. Because users simply ask a question and get the insights they need, they can easily build data-driven decision-making into their day-to-day workflows. Moreover, when they see the impact data insights make on their productivity and success, they’ll continue to use WhizAI. It’s common for organizations that use WhizAI to have 100% user adoption.

Embedded Insights

Users can access WhizAI from within the business applications they normally use, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Veeva. It’s not necessary to open an extra window to access life science analytics. Additionally, users can work from smartphones or other mobile devices as well as PCs to make data-based decisions.

Speed to Insights

WhizAI solves the lag between data acquisition and data insights. WhizAI automatically updates when new data is available, taking only a small fraction of the time it would take to create a new BI dashboard. Enterprises have the advantage of relevant, contextual life science analytics in an instant, giving them greater agility to respond to market changes.

Data ROI

Gartner reports that 80% of business intelligence initiatives result in failure, and global businesses waste $48 billion each year on excessive developer time maintaining BI solutions and customizing and scaling them. The time and cost savings of using WhizAI for life science analytics equal quick return on investment (ROI) and significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for life sciences data analytics.

Path to Greater Profitability

Increased transparency into ever-changing payer, provider, and patient trends gives life science organizations the ability to develop strategic commercial strategies that help increase market share, revenues, and profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WhizAI keep up with changes in the industry?

WhizAI constantly trains our solution on the specific language used in life sciences and on large data sets generated by thousands of life science users.

Can users customize how they consume insights?

WhizAI delivers insights on how and where users need them, visualized in the best ways for users to understand and prioritize insights.

Is WhizAI suited for use by different life sciences teams?

WhizAI is the ideal solution for field sales, market access, patient services, R&D, and brand teams. It’s also valuable to a range of businesses, from pharmaceutical companies to medical device manufacturing.

Is coding required to use WhizAI?

WhizAI has created a zero-code environment to achieve greater user adoption, faster data-driven decision making, and less time and investment in analytics solution maintenance.

Is WhizAI suited to enterprise use?

Yes, WhizAI is designed to provide the security, scalability, integration and interoperability, and multilanguage functionality necessary for a life science analytics solution for global enterprises.

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