How WhizAI Delivers Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
How WhizAI Delivers Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence

WhizAI Features

  • Domain expertise:
    WhizAI chose to focus specifically on the need for on-demand data insights for life sciences. Our platform is pre-trained for this industry, so it understands life sciences data and terminology out of the box. Additionally, WhizAI deploys in only weeks, in contrast to other AI solutions that take months to implement for a life sciences company.
  • Augmented analytics:
    Pharmaceutical business intelligence is only valuable if the right people throughout an organization can access it, understand it, and use it to make informed decisions. WhizAI is an augmented analytics platform for life sciences data consumers, designed to provide insights to people throughout an organization regardless of their IT or data science expertise.
  • Conversational AI:
    WhizAI’s hybrid natural language processing (NLP) engine allows users to converse with the platform rather than try to manipulate it using memorized keywords or phrases. Users ask questions naturally, and WhizAI understands and responds with relevant and contextual answers. WhizAI can even determine intent if the user poses a question in an unusual way or misspells words.
  • High Scalability:
    WhizAI analyzes petabytes of data and provides pharmaceutical business intelligence in less than a second. Companies aren’t limited in the number of data sources or the amount of data they can use. Additionally, as more data sources are available, WhizAI allows companies to add more data sources and increase data volumes without negatively impacting performance.

A Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Success Story

One leading multinational pharmaceutical company searched for a solution that would enable integrating analytics into workflows throughout its organization. Its BI dashboard solutions weren’t providing a complete view of the organization overall and of activity within each country where the company operated. Furthermore, the company’s IT staff continually fielded requests from employees with limited data science and IT expertise.  WhizAI provided the company with a user-friendly platform that allows employees to ask questions naturally, access a data visualization or response in less than a second, and drill down by simply asking additional questions. Additionally, the multinational country benefitted from the platform’s multilanguage capabilities, allowing users to ask questions and get answers without needing translation. With pharmaceutical business intelligence from WhizAI, the company gained the ability to address global market demands proactively with employees empowered with on-demand insights and additional data sources that enable deeper insights.

Benefits of WhizAI for Pharma Companies

Data-Based Decisions Become Routine

WhizAI integrates with the business applications that pharmaceutical companies commonly use, such as Veeva, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. Employees can use WhizAI with just a click, making it easy to base decisions on data insights. With pharmaceutical business intelligence that’s easily accessible, users are more likely to turn to data to help improve outcomes.

Everyone Draws on the Same Data Sources for Insights

With WhizAI as the central repository for all data, everyone within the company, from marketing and sales to R&D and the executive team, leverages it for insights. There isn’t any risk that users will base decisions on different analyses or interpret reports differently. As a result, WhizAI supports better team alignment and collaboration.

An Enterprise-Ready Platform Is Easier to Implement

WhizAI utilizes microservices architecture managed by Kubernetes to provide pharma companies with a reliable, scalable platform. WhizAI is also integrable with pharma company management solutions to enable the free flow of data and is designed with enterprise security features, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) that prevents unauthorized people from accessing corporate data.

User Adoption Can Reach as Much as 100%

Because dashboard solutions are cumbersome for many pharma company employees to use and can delay the time from when users ask questions until they receive insights, many users simply don’t use them. It’s common for pharma companies to see only 30%-40% adoption with dashboards. However, because WhizAI is so easy to use and provides accurate, contextual insights, companies can see as much as 100% adoption.

Analytics TCO Decreases

WhizAI’s augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics enables life sciences, employees, to access insights autonomously, decreasing dependence on the IT or data team. WhizAI is also easier to maintain than BI dashboard solutions, saving even more time. These time and cost savings result in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than legacy solutions.

Ready to learn more about how WhizAI can deliver pharmaceutical business intelligence – and a range of benefits from on-demand, contextual insights?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WhizAI different from legacy BI solutions?

WhizAI changes the unit of work from a dashboard to a question. Instead of requiring data scientists and engineers to build a dashboard, run analyses, and provide reports, users ask questions and get answers. WhizAI automatically chooses the optimal data visualization based on information and user preferences.

How much training is required with WhizAI?

WhizAI is pretrained for life sciences, and its unique natural language processing (NLP) engine can understand and respond in the way pharmaceutical employees speak. Because WhizAI is so easy and natural to use, employees, even those without IT or data science expertise, can use the platform after just minutes of training.

Can a company continue to use dashboards with WhizAi?

Yes. Although WhizAI can work as a standalone solution, it is often used as a complement to dashboard solutions. WhizAI users have been able to reduce the number of pharmaceutical business intelligence dashboards from more than 20 to about five.

Does WhizAI learn over time?

Yes. WhizAI’s model learns with each question, user interaction, and follow-up so it can continuously learn and fine-tune responses to specific users.

How does WhizAI update when new data is available?

WhizAI automatically adapts to changes in the industry and internal data and uses that information in analyses.

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