March 6, 2019

SOLC: A Congregation of Life Sciences Commercial Ops Leaders

Rohit Vashisht
Rohit Vashisht
SOLC: A Congregation of Life Sciences Commercial Ops Leaders

Join WhizAI to Learn How to be Free of Dashboards and Reports

The Sales Operations Leadership Council (SOLC) is a peer collaboration organization for Sales Operations leaders within small to mid-tier life science companies. Gary Warner, Founder of the SOLC brings together selective knowledgeable, experienced sales operations professionals to facilitate the sharing of best practices, industry trends and networking opportunities for its members. At the March 15, 2019 meeting of the SOLC, we’ll be sharing more about WhizAI’s conversational AI capabilities and best practices for Life Sciences commercial and sales teams.

According to a study by security vendor Netskope, the average enterprise-level company used 935 cloud applications. Here is where we need to pause and ask: What is the fundamental role of software? To surface relevant information for the users, support decision making for the leaders and facilitate the next best action. That’s it! But unfortunately, the current enterprise software landscape works in reverse. Complicated interface, scattered data, and multiple hoops to connect thus lead to poor adoption of software among business users.

WhizAI solves this challenge by providing a learning interface to users that makes accessing insights as simple as just texting on your mobile phone. We are already seeing 100% adoption of our engine with zero training among Life Sciences commercial and sales teams. Come and meet us to learn how you can break out of shackles of dashboards and reports with WhizAI.

Thanks to Rohit Vashisht-Co-Founder and CEO, WhizAI.

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