November 30, 2019

The Sales Rep of the Future: Next-Best-Action Recommendations for Life Sciences

Saroj Hange
Saroj Hange
The Sales Rep of the Future: Next-Best-Action Recommendations for Life Sciences

Your thoughts are heard! Your wishes are granted!

  • Sales reps, what if we told you that your CRM can talk to you?
  • Commercial ops, what if you could surface contextual insights, and automate actionable recommendations for higher sales productivity?
  • Sales executives, what if we told you no need to use the computer anymore and all the enterprise information can be accessed on your phone?

Like every other business, customer centricity is core to life sciences too. With multiple marketing channels bombarding HCPs with promotional material, several legacy systems operating in silos in the enterprise and their innumerable data sources demanding sales rep’s attention, sales transformation in pharma is only getting more complicated.

However, this situation also presents a great opportunity to leverage advancements in AI like conversational interfaces, data visualization and natural language processing to drive significant business ROI.

According to a survey, the most valuable 30K HCPs are getting 2700+ Pharma contacts per year that is equivalent to one contact per hour. So, how can life sciences leaders help optimize HCP visits and ignite high-performance sales teams?

Sales in the life sciences industry are not just driven by marketing actions but also influenced by physician attributes. Clinician access demands that sales reps

  • know their stuff, no flicking through reports and excel spreadsheets  
  • can promptly answer queries, no wasting time switching dashboards on their iPads
  • deliver high value in less time by being able to quickly transfer knowledge about new launches, new treatments and indications, competitive pricing and latest promotional offers

Three minutes may be the new normal for access time that medical sales representatives have with a healthcare provider (HCP). Meet WhizAI the commercial excellence solution for life sciences sales teams.

  • When a rep goes to meet a physician and finds out he’s on vacation, using RPA, WhizAI will suggest an HCP available to meet in the vicinity.
  • While the sales rep is in a meeting with the HCP, WhizAI will send an alert about any market event change.
  • In this event, marketing will be notified to deliver message 1 instead of message 2.
  • A physician has returned from an industry conference or FDA gives out a new indication, WhizAI will recommend the next-best action to the sales rep.

Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the annual Dreamforce conference about how everything he needs to run his business is on his phone.

But, why should only CXOs have all the fun? Sales reps also travel as much, need instant information access on the go and are responsible for feeding top-line growth. WhizAI guides your salespeople, empowers them to make choices and unifies all information sources in your enterprise. To reach the right recommendations to the right people at the right time and create sales reps of the future, learn more about WhizAI.

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