November 28, 2022

WhizAI Celebrates A Year of Milestones- Innovators Turned Trailblazers in 2022

Rohit Vashisht
Rohit Vashisht
WhizAI Celebrates A Year of Milestones- Innovators Turned Trailblazers in 2022

From advancements in product innovation to receiving recognition as an industry “trailblazer,” WhizAI celebrates 2022 as a year dedicated to growth, optimizing client and partner relationships, and generating positive feedback from investors, customers, and influential analysts.

Augmented analytics are on the rise, and we continue to succeed in turning data into insights for better, more efficient outcomes in order to meet the needs of our life sciences customers—especially those eager to embrace modern technologies like AI, NLP and scalable analytics. With our product’s mainstream visibility at both large and mid-sized pharma, there’s an increased demand for timely insights and contextual analytics that enhance decision-making for all users. When it comes to finding patients, the right HCPs, new therapies, or streamlining businesses, we continue to evolve in ways that help organizations optimize their needs—quickly and effectively.

Expansion Continues: Our Team Grew alongside New Partnerships

This year, we more than doubled our company size, expanding internal growth across all functions–and we plan to repeat this hiring within the next 12 months on an even larger scale to include engineers, solution experts and customer-success teams across the U.S., Asia, and even Europe. We are proud to have hired integral roles in 2022, like our VP of Marketing, alongside Sales, Presales and Demand Generation teams. We saw the connection between intentional internal growth and continued success with new clients and partners. 

Having the right team has been crucial to amplifying our vision and supporting our ambition of becoming the preferred augmented analytics platform for Life Sciences and Healthcare. This year, we celebrated a special go-live at a top 3 global pharma where WhizAI was deployed as their new field reporting system. Our client has been able to greatly reduce the number of dashboards field users have to access, they’ve built integrated stories for sales reps to get a full view of their business and adoption by the field has soared..

We strongly believe that our success and growth is tied to the partnerships we build. With this belief we have built and strengthened our partnerships across the partner ecosystem - system integrators, data providers and technology vendors. Our partner friendly commercial framework coupled with our investment in training our partner teams has resulted in exponential growth in partner driven opportunities and co-development of solutions to go to market.

Product Enhancements Reached New Heights

Our clients know that we not only provide the best NLP driven, self-serve analytics engine but also a viable zero-code platform for creating and sharing analytics across organizations. Our product scales to billions of patient records and provides split-second responses at any level. Because of its innovative capabilities, we proudly took on both top 10 global and mid-sized pharma as our customers this year in areas such as commercial analytics at scale, claims analytics, real world data and other life sciences and healthcare use cases

In 2022, our platform grew with the advent of insights, ultimately leading to faster and more accurate decision-making for organizations. For example, predictions will help sales reps achieve their goals by identifying early warning signals in their sales pipeline and course-correct before it's too late. Home Office and field teams can see market share, TRx, and NRx predictions at any level.

Easily accessible, automated narratives replaced complex explanations from Data Scientists, as ML/AI-driven insight generation allowed businesses to be more efficient and proactive. In understanding variance through anomaly detection, we now have the ability to help organizations understand anomaly key drivers. For example, WhizAI ML algorithms can analyze the causal relationships for the performance of a metric. For example, you notice that Plabenil TRx is down in the Northeast. The next logical question for a sales representative is, "Why is TRx down for Plabenil in the Northeast?" By asking this simple question, WhizAI will reveal the cause is "Tier 1 doctors have not been called on during the quarter." 

These insights are now available to both brand analyst managers and pharmaceutical salespeople seeking to improve prescription sales and performance in their region. Anomaly detection and key driver analysis will now allow users to automatically highlight deviations in key accounts to prompt subsequent actions for avoiding future negative sales performance—or to repeat positive outcomes.  

Support from Investors and Analysts Accelerated Progress 

We are grateful to have the support of investors, who not only know our space well, but also understand how large and successful enterprise software companies are built. The highlight of this year was Shanda Group and AmerisourceBergen making a strategic investment in our business, which is a testimony to our vision, progress and hard work. 

We also hit our stride in 2022 with acknowledgement by analysts like Gartner and Everest Group. Gartner named WhizAI as a vendor in 5 different hype cycle reports across categories such as “augmented analytics in Life Sciences,” “AI in clinical development” and “natural language query.” In addition, Gartner recently published their Market Guide to Augmented Analytics, naming WhizAI as a domain-centric augmented analytics vendor. Everest Group recently did research on 47 startups in Life Sciences commercial analytics and AI, and out of those 47, only 7 were considered “trailblazers.”  WhizAI is honored to be recognized by Everest Group as a “trailblazer”.

A Return to Live Events Amplified Our Voice

It was great to see in-person events return in 2022. The PMSA Annual Conference in Louisville, KY and the PMSA Fall Symposium in Las Vegas, NV were our most memorable events, highlighting tremendous audience feedback and awareness. We chaired a panel discussion at the PMSA Annual Conference on the role of AI/ML in commercial insights and customer engagement and also participated in a speaking slot on accelerating decision making with AI-powered analytics. We were able to bring industry luminaries to both of these sessions, providing audiences with a variety of topic perspectives. PMSA has been a crucial partner to WhizAI, and we believe we’ve been a great partner in return by fostering the sharing of ideas across their membership.

You can expect to see WhizAI at PMSA and other life sciences and healthcare focused events in 2023, including engagements hosted by our team, alongside WhizAI clients and partners.

Propelled by 2022 milestones with the support of our team, investors, partners, and clients, we look ahead with great excitement to our continued evolution in the new year.

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