October 3, 2023

WhizAI Launches “ExplAIn” - Automated Insights for Life Sciences Commercial Analytics

WhizAI Launches “ExplAIn” - Automated Insights for Life Sciences Commercial Analytics

When it comes to actionable insights, generic BI platforms can’t fulfill the complex needs of business users and analysts in life sciences. Life sciences users need fast, contextual insights that isolate and analyze complex, ever-evolving datasets. They need domain-specific analytics that can identify strategic growth opportunities that help them make smart, timely decisions.

That’s where WhizAI comes in.

WhizAI can automatically generate actionable insights — and fast. In our October 2023 release, WhizAI launches “ExplAIn,” designed exclusively for life sciences. ExplAIn uniquely uses state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms, unprecedented domain expertise, and cutting-edge generative AI to automate insights so professionals can make smarter data-driven decisions. Unparalleled scalability empowers teams to process vast quantities of data with ease, detecting anomalies in the data and extracting key drivers that impact performance. ExplAIn also uses generative AI to automate and simplify complex analysis by generating narratives that intelligently describe insights.

Anomaly Detection Enables Corrective Action.

ExplAIn uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to proactively uncover insights by automatically scanning through data and identifying anomalies within the life sciences context. Insights can be sent as alerts or asked for on demand so that users can jump-start the root-cause analysis with a single click.

So, how does this play out and who does it benefit?

WhizAI can alert users of an unexpected variance to new–to-brand and total prescriptions. This helps senior management understand changing marketing conditions or consumer behavior early in the cycle to help them adjust strategy accordingly. Identifying unusual patterns in customer behavior can lead to more targeted and effective sales and marketing strategies.

Key Drivers Optimize Strategic Potential

Understanding what drives performance in anomalous conditions – both positive and negative – enables fast-acting corrective behavior. As a trusted platform built to support life sciences users and interpret their analytic needs, WhizAI applies ML techniques to identify key drivers in a life sciences dataset, automatically notifying users of changes in the business or data outliers. Without these timely, contextual insights, corrective action is not possible. ExplAIn key driver analysis can unveil significant contributing factors that impact pharmaceutical sales, promotional activities, and market access and payer strategies. 

Pharmaceutical sales increase when brand managers understand what drives physician prescribing behavior. When business users can analyze factors such as clinical trial results, drug efficacy, safety profiles, physician specialties, and patient demographics, they can begin to understand and identify drivers that influence prescribing decisions and enable targeted marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies improve when brand managers can analyze how promotional activities impact sales. Key drivers may include factors such as event frequency and type, like conferences, webinars, and workshops, as well as communication efforts, such as interactions with healthcare professionals, sample distribution, or digital marketing campaigns. Understanding the effectiveness of these promotional activities helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies.

Key drivers inform decision making for payer negotiations and market entry. Analyzing these drivers helps sales leaders understand the impact of market access strategies in sales performance. Key drivers in commercial pharma sales and marketing involve market access and payer-related factors, such as formulary placement, reimbursement policies, pricing and discounts, patient access programs, and health insurance coverage.

Narratives: Your Qualitative Backbone

Automated narratives eliminate manual analysis, save time and money, improve decision making, and make analytics more accessible. ExplAIn’s native generative AI provides a unique ability to describe insights and offers users access to contextual highlights and key takeaways — without waiting for middle-man analysis. WhizAI comes prepackaged with a default LLM to avoid training cost and to enable data privacy, but also offers the ability to switch LLMs with optional GPT support. Now, answers to questions are contextualized, highlighted in color, and brought to life in text, providing direct benefits to pharma field analytics, sales, and marketing teams.

Governed Insights are Trusted Insights  

For WhizAI, accuracy and governance are one in the same. Proactive decision making in commercial analytics is nothing without trusted insights. That’s why WhizAI follows a strict governance policy to keep analysts at the forefront of revolutionary technology for life sciences.

To guarantee accurate, contextual results, users review all insights through a workbench, validated by your business analysts. This human intervention ensures functional templates and accurate, rule-based insights within the technology. We ensure physical cardinality in validating both statistics and business-logic outcomes to guarantee relevant, contextual anomalies for users. We know ungoverned models can’t offer actionable insights.

Business users and analysts rely on WhizAI for contextual, domain-specific understanding that empowers fast, impactful decision making. As our trained model improves, so does the way we govern it. And that means empowering users with an accurate, relevant, and revolutionary tool for life sciences commercial analytics.

Schedule a live demo to get to know “ExplAIn,” part of WhizAI’s trusted platform, dedicated to delivering insights at the speed of business. 

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