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Bringing Augmented Analytics to a Top 3 Global Pharma Company

Bringing Augmented Analytics to a Top 3 Global Pharma Company

Enabling AI-driven Analytics Capabilities with a Purpose-Built Platform for Life Sciences across 26 countries in the EMEA region.

This is a story of a strategic implementation that fundamentally changed how a leader in Pharmaceuticals transformed their data into valuable business insights.

In this real-world success story, the Top 3 Global Pharma Company had legacy self-service analytics and a myriad of dashboards across the 26 countries that make up its EMEA region, resulting in decentralized information and an incomplete view of its data and the business. This situation made it nearly impossible for them to integrate local knowledge and insights into the global company strategy.

To tackle this challenge, the company turned to WhizAI’s patented technology  and SDG Group’s Life Sciences expertise  for  implementing a new solution to achieve their data-driven business objectives.

Download the story of success for a detailed overview of this solution that empowered the Top 3 Global Pharma Company to:

  • Redefine its self-service analytics concept with the power of AI.
  • Leverage multi-language speech and text capabilities to enable users to create visualizations on-the-fly.
  • Move away from traditional dashboards and served up on-demand contextual insights.
  • Improve operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership.

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