Enabling Analytics Transformation to Drive Manufacturing Quality Management

Proactively mitigate risk and improve manufacturing quality and efficiency with real-time holistic view of batch performance

Why WhizAI for Manufacturing Quality Management

  • Enhance effectiveness of the manufacturing process by instantly addressing quality management issues.
  • Effectively manage resources to address open deviations and their timely resolution.
  • Identify the correlation between recurring issues and previously implemented change controls.
  • Monitor in real time high risk batch production and proactively mitigate high risk issues.

Equip site owners with instant site performance insights

Provide a holistic view across all manufacturing data sources to monitor the overall performance of a site’s ongoing batch production process. Proactively mitigate high-risk issues and manage resources to resolve deviations in a compliant manner.

Empower supply chain managers with insights to determine the root cause of recurring issues

Get instant insights into the correlation between recurring issues and the implemented change controls to drive higher efficiency within the manufacturing process.


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