WhizAI Delivers Fast, Contextual Pharma Data Analytics to Enhance Commercialization Processes

Intuition and anecdotal information only go so far to successfully commercialize a pharmaceutical. Pharma data analytics take the guesswork out of decision making at each step of the commercialization process. From interdepartmental collaboration that arms sales and marketing with the most powerful messaging to uncovering top opportunities and enhancing market access, WhizAI provides the insights necessary to drive the best outcomes.  Pharma commercialization analytics also help streamline processes and shrink timelines, which helps control costs and get products to market more quickly.

Data analytics decision by WhizAI

 WhizAI’s augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics makes pharma data analytics insights easily accessible to the people who need them. WhizAI’s intuitive platform allows users to build data-based decision making seamlessly into their daily workflows without heavy reliance on a data or IT team. Furthermore, users have the answers they need fast – in some cases, weeks faster than with traditional BI dashboard solutions.

Why Choose WhizAI for Pharma Data Analytics

  • Instant insights:
    The importance of speed from data acquisition to insights can’t be overstated in a highly competitive space. While pharma company teams are waiting for a new BI dashboard to answer a complex question – or pressing forward without the answers they need – a competitor may have a laser focus on a prime opportunity backed by data. WhizAI delivers insights on demand.
  • Direct data access:
    WhizAI exchanges the analytics unit of work from a dashboard to an insight. Users have greater autonomy, able to just ask a question and get an answer. WhizAI also allows users to ask follow-up questions to drill down into data – no new dashboards reports or waiting required.
  • Ease of use:
    Even people without “data scientist” in their titles can easily use WhizAI. They can just ask a question in the same manner they’d speak to a colleague to get the information they need. Additionally, users can access WhizAI insights from their PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Pre-trained for life sciences:
    Unlike generic AI data analytics platforms, WhizAI is domain-specific. Life sciences companies can deploy it in just a few weeks, and users can begin to access pharma data analytics after just a few minutes of training. WhizAI’s hybrid natural language processing (NLP) engine understands life sciences terms and interprets users’ intent right out of the box.

Case Study: How Pharma Data Analytics Benefits a Top 3 Global Company

A leading pharmaceutical company’s EMEA market includes 26 countries with distinct analytics needs. The company values local knowledge and insights, but integrating them into a multi-national strategy using traditional pharma data analytics processes was challenging. The company’s legacy solution included a large number of dashboards, and information was decentralized. As a result, the company struggled to maintain visibility in each country and its business overall. 
Attempting to keep up with the company’s pharma data analytics needs also created a burden on the IT department as data consumers had no autonomy to access insights on their own. Furthermore, the system was costly to maintain. 
WhizAI revolutionized pharma data analytics at the company with its multi-language augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics, autonomous dashboard visualization, and on-demand contextual insights. Users benefitted from highly specific insights relevant to their geographic regions and markets. Faster and better business decisions driven by AI have resulted in a complete view of the business, enhanced operational efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) related to data and analytics.

Benefits of WhizAI for Pharma Commercial Analytics

High scalability

With WhizAI, you aren’t limited in the number of data sources or volume of data you use. WhizAI can analyze petabytes worth of data and provide users with the pharma data analytics insights they need in less than a second.

Lower dependence on IT

WhizAI creates a direct connection between life sciences analytics consumers and insights, with no intervention from the data or IT team. Additionally, WhizAI allows users to create their own dashboard in a no-code environment, choose the visualizations they prefer, and work more independently. WhizAI users see dependence on IT decrease by as much as 60%.

High user adoption

WhizAI’s ease of use and impact on efficiency and productivity lead to enthusiastic adoption. Companies that deploy WhizAI typically see adoption rates as high as 100%.

Enterprise-ready features

WhizAI is designed for global enterprises. It provides the ability to integrate with business applications that pharma companies use, can analyze billions of data points from primary and secondary sources – and scale as the business and data volumes grow. WhizAI’s platform also features microservices architecture for high flexibility and reliability, multi-language capabilities, and enterprise security.

A better bottom line

When a pharma company’s commercial teams have the pharma data analytics insights they need for smart decision making, they increase their ability to achieve greater market penetration, revenues, and profitability.

To learn how an augmented consumer platform for life sciences can give pharma commercial teams an edge.

Who uses WhizAI?
Everyone from field reps, territory managers, and senior leadership to the board of directors, everyone can use WhizAI. WhizAI enables sales, marketing, market access, patient services, R&D, and manufacturing teams in some of the largest and most well-known global pharmaceutical companies to build data-driven decision making into their daily workflows.
Does WhizAI replace dashboards?
Most companies choose to use WhizAI as a complement to their dashboard solutions to increase the return on their data analytics investment and get insights to users more quickly. However, WhizAI can work as a standalone solution.
Does WhizAI’s model continue to learn?
Yes. Every time a user asks a question, it further expands the system’s understanding of context and intent.
How do you update WhizAI when new data is available?
When a data source updates information, WhizAI automatically updates and provides pharma data analytics insights based on that new information in real-time.
Do users have to learn keywords or phrases to use WhizAI?
No, WhizAI constantly trains the platform on the specific language of life sciences. This allows users to ask questions naturally and receive contextual, accurate insights.


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