September 28, 2022

Accelerating Decision-Making with AI-Powered Analytics in Life Sciences to Drive Commercial Success

Legacy self-service analytics require extensive data model training and deep technical knowledge to be used effectively.  The alternative is developer-driven dashboards with too broad a scope and is not unique to each user request, territory, or country. Every new data insight requires the creation of a unique dashboard, custom-built to address the specific needs of each request. These dashboards have long development cycles and can only answer the specific analytics questions for which they are built. With existing solutions, it is difficult for business teams — especially non-technical users in sales and management positions — to use reporting and analytics to its full capacity. 

These problems hurt an enterprise pharma’s competitive advantage in the industry.

Watch this interactive presentation session to hear from industry stalwarts how life sciences-trained, AI-powered analytics enables accelerated decision-making to drive commercial success. 

Key Discussion Points:

  1. The historical role of commercial insights and the exponential evolution of data and insights, and what it means for commercial operations
  2. Key capabilities to look for when reimagining commercial insights and the role of AI, ML, and NLQ
  3. The business impact of democratizing access to insights to help business users make smarter, faster decisions at significantly lower cost

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Accelerating Decision-Making with AI-Powered Analytics in Life Sciences to Drive Commercial Success

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Rahul Karkhanis

Rahul Karkhanis

Life Sciences Commercial SME

Dharmesh Thakkar

Dharmesh Thakkar

Sr. Director – Commercial, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson and Johnson

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