Awash in Data, Yet Starving for Insights? Transform Life Sciences Commercial Teams with Augmented Analytics

Personalized communication is something the HCPs have come to expect. To do that, pharma sales reps need to know their customers well. In order to know the customer well, they need data. Enterprise pharma companies, however, have many data resources and lots of data at their disposal. In fact, there is a data explosion. So what do you do?

How do you quickly provide field reps with contextual insights (not data) about their customers to have meaningful personalized conversations? How can sales ops teams leverage incentive compensation data to drive sales motivation and help sales reps surpass their quotas? Using real-time insights, how can commercial life sciences leaders skip the long, boring reports?

In this conversation-style webinar, panellists discuss:

  • How top global pharma are overcoming the data deluge problems in their organizations
  • The current state of traditional BI, challenges and limitations of generic AI systems
  • High-impact use cases and success stories of augmented analytics across all divisions (beyond commercial)

Watch this webinar to learn about how leading pharma companies are using contextual insights (buried in big data) to deliver personalized communications to HCPs.

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Bijal Karande

Bijal Karande

VP of Partnerships & Pre-Sales

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