November 15, 2022

The Future of Analytics - Domain Specific and Augmented 

Technology is changing the way life sciences organizations think about analytics. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language technologies are augmenting and automating analytics workflows and bringing the power of analytics and associated decision making to the business. These technologies coupled with specific data management techniques reduce the time spent wrangling data to get to smarter and faster insights. 

Watch this webinar replay to hear the experts offer their perspectives on the future by exploring:

  • What do decision makers want from analytics? What are the use cases most ready for this augmented future?
  • What are the challenges to adoption and some practical solutions to overcome those challenges?
  • What data management techniques will ensure you’re taking advantage of the insights that reside within the data?
  • What is the role of technology and how does AI, ML and NLP truly help advance the value generated by analytics?

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The Future of Analytics - Domain Specific and Augmented_Webinar 

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Praveen Chandrasekhar

Praveen Chandrasekhar

CIO at Conexus Solutions, Inc.

Henning Thorsen

Henning Thorsen

Commercial Operations Leader

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