Harness the Power of Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

Competitive life sciences companies know the power of data. Pharmaceutical data analytics make insights available to R&D teams to expedite development and time to market. Data insights also enhance the clinical trial process by enabling researchers to factor in patient history, remote patient monitoring, and data from previous trials. Additionally, data analytics increases visibility into costs and spending so companies can keep a close watch on financials and help sales and marketing teams pinpoint top opportunities. 

Pharmaceutical data analytics by WhizAI

Still, getting insights into the life sciences company employees who need them, when they need them, can be a challenge. Traditional processes require a data team’s skill and expertise to build business intelligence (BI) dashboards, analyze data, and run reports – all of which take time. As a result, life science teams need to wait for pharmaceutical data analytics, possibly slowing R&D progress, losing sight of costs, missing opportunities, and falling behind the competition. WhizAI offers a practical solution for instantly delivering pharmaceutical data analytics to life sciences team members.

 What WhizAI Brings to Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

  • Democratized Data Insights:
    WhizAI is designed to be as easy to use as a social media app. Users, even those without “data scientist” in their titles, can easily use WhizAI. It allows life sciences team members simply to ask a question, and it responds with accurate, contextual insights.
  • Domain Knowledge:
    Right out of the box, WhizAI understands life sciences terminology and data sources. There isn’t any need for users to learn “approved” keywords or phrasing that will make the platform respond in the ways they want. Users can ask questions the same way they’d speak to a colleague. Additionally, pre-trained AI deploys more quickly than generic AI platforms.
  • Autonomy for Data Consumers: Companies that use WhizAI for pharmaceutical data analytics and other life sciences use cases can reduce their teams’ dependence on IT by up to 60% for insights. When a pharmaceutical sales, market access, patient services, R&D, or executive team needs a new analysis, they can ask WhizAI instead of turning to the data team for a new dashboard.
  • Speed:
    When WhizAI users ask questions, they get answers in less than a second. Highly scalable WhizAI can analyze petabytes of data and answer the most complex questions just as quickly as a request for a simple status check.

How WhizAI Delivers Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

The WhizAI augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics is uniquely designed with advanced technologies, including:

  • Artificial intelligence: AI is the key to quickly analyzing data, identifying patterns and anomalies, and providing contextual insights and meaningful visualizations. WhizAI analyzes billions of data points from multiple sources to deliver the insights pharma companies need. 
  • Search and natural language query: NLQ allows life science teams’ to ask questions conversationally, whether they type a query or ask it verbally via a voice interface, and receive a contextual answer. 
  • Natural language generation: NLG gives WhizAI the ability to create easy responses for users to understand and highlight the most important pharmaceutical data analytics insights. 
  • Content personalization: It’s typical for life sciences company employees to get generalized answers from dashboards, which are commonly designed to meet the needs of a broad range of people. But WhizAI delivers personalized pharmaceutical data analytics specific to the user’s role, market, geography, and even personal behaviors and preferences. 
  • Device interfaces: WhizAI allows life science team members to access insights anywhere – in the office, on the road, or during a meeting – via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

The Benefits of Using WhizAI for Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

Support for Enterprise Operations

WhizAI can be embedded within the applications that life sciences teams typically use, such as Veeva, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce, giving users access to data insights with just a click. Additionally, WhizAI features multifactor authentication for strong access control, multilanguage options, and high scalability for enterprise use.

Less dependence on the data team

With pharmaceutical data analytics from development and clinical trials to commercialization, life sciences marketing and sales teams can create – and back up with solid facts– a brand story that resonates with HCPs in their market.

Increased Productivity

When data insights are immediately accessible and actionable, employee productivity skyrockets. Users no longer have to wait for the answers they need to perform their jobs effectively or to push on without basing decisions on data. WhizAI allows employees to build data-driven decision making into their day-to-day workflows and to see better outcomes. That success leads to adoption. In fact, companies that deploy WhizAI see user adoption of 90% or more.

A Single Source of Truth

Everyone in a life sciences organization can use WhizAI and access insights from the most recent data. Using one up-to-date source of information helps improve team alignment, collaboration, and progress toward company goals.

Data ROI

WhizAI users finally see their investment into data analysis move the needle on business success. Time from data acquisition to insights is exponentially decreased, and employees use those insights to make smarter decisions, improving their performance and their brands’ performance in the market.

Learn more about the intelligent way to equip users with pharmaceutical data analytics insights in WhizAI’s weekly demos.

Is WhizAI reliable?
WhizAI’s microservices architecture provides enterprises with high reliability, even during platform updates or enhancements.
Why use a pharmaceutical data analytics platform trained for life sciences?
Pretraining the platform decreases implementation time and creates a more natural, conversational user experience for life science company employees.
How much training do you need to use WhizAI?
Most users can use the platform after just a few minutes. The platform is designed to be intuitive – as easy to use as a social media app.
What are the top benefits of WhizAI?
With better and faster decision making via WhizAI, companies can create a culture of data that improves productivity, efficiency, and outcomes.
How detailed are WhizAI insights?
WhizAI provides the level of detail that the users require, from summaries or overviews to detailed insights down to ZIP code or prescriber level.


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