May 17, 2024

Analytics in Pharmaceutical Industry

Richard Clements
Richard Clements
Analytics in Pharmaceutical Industry

Why Choose WhizAI for Analytics in Pharmaceutical Industry Decision Making

  • It’s challenging to make data insights from analytics in pharmaceutical industry use cases available to all employees in a company. Building analytics dashboards, training employees to use them, and incorporating new data sources for added insights takes time. The expertise required means employees often can’t keep up with the speed of business.
  • WhizAI’s augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics overcomes those challenges. It gives pharma company employees in all roles, quick access to insights and helps them to build data-based decisions into their workflows in no time.

Enabling Analytics in Pharmaceutical Industry Decision Making

AI-Powered Analytics

WhizAI has developed a user-friendly platform, pre-trained for life sciences, to be deployed quickly for analytics in pharmaceutical industry applications. WhizAI s technology also uses natural language processing (NLP) to enable pharma company employees to ask questions conversationally. Using business terms such as NRx, TRx, HCPs, plans, prescribers, and TA, WhizAI understands and instantly responds with relevant insights.

No-Code Dashboard Visualizations

Users can now build, save, and share Pinboards (dashboards) in just a few clicks and get their own 360 business view; without any assistance from the IT or the data team. The visualization AI created charts and reports on the fly.

Embedded Insights

Your teams can access the WhizAI platform from within business applications your team regularly uses, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Veeva. Insights are now delivered in applications you already use.

Multi-Language Platform

Global organizations face the challenge of enabling access to data insights to employees in different countries. WhizAI is a multi-language platform that supports G5 languages too

How WhizAI Delivers Analytics in Pharmaceutical Industry Applications

WhizAI decreases the time from data acquisition to insights that pharma companies struggle with when using analytics dashboards.The WhizAI platform is designed for the massive volumes of data used by analytics in pharmaceutical industry applications. Furthermore, it’s designed to scale as the number of data sources and data volumes increase.Regardless of the data volume or the complexity of the question, WhizAI provides insights in a sub-second. Also, users don’t have to search through reports to drill down for information they need. WhizAI provides highly contextual and relevant insights to individual users in specific roles and geographic regions.

Benefits of Advanced Analytics in Pharma

On-Demand Insights

Across-the-Board User Adoption Enterprise-Ready Less Pressure on IT Resources Lower TCO and Higher ROI Benefits of Advanced Analytics in Pharma Frequently Asked Questions Users have near-instant access to data insights by asking or typing a question on a PC or mobile device, in the office, on the road, or in a healthcare facility lobby waiting for a meeting. Moreover, WhizAI makes insights available to everyone, including the C-suite. Time-pressed executives no longer have to wait for an analyst to write a summary, possibly reflecting bias. Business leaders can ask questions just as other people throughout the organization for the answers, on-demand, that they need.

Across-the-Board User Adoption

The WhizAI augmented consumer platform for life sciences analytics makes insights available to everyone in your organization, even people with no data analytics expertise. It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Companies that used dashboards and saw only 20%-40% user adoption now see 90% or more adoption with WhizAI.

Less Pressure on IT Resources

With pharma team members accessing data insights autonomously, your data team can reduce the number of dashboards they maintain. This gives analysts and data engineers the freedom to focus on higher level analysis that gives your organization an edge.


WhizAI integrates with your business applications out of the box. Additionally, WhizAI is scalable and can analyze billions of data points from primary and secondary data sources used for analytics in pharmaceutical industry applications. Additionally, the WhizAI platform is secure and reliable, ensuring authorized users can access the insights they need.

Lower TCO and Higher ROI

Advanced analytics in pharma is a game-changer. It minimizes analytics development cycles from weeks to days and reduces support and maintenance costs, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). WhizAI can also work as a complement to dashboards, allowing you to continue to benefit from your investment into those solutions while still enabling you to get insights into your teams quickly and easily. Additionally, with high adoption rates of analytics in pharmaceutical industry processes, your employees will build using data insights into their workflows, improving their performance and your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is WhizAI an “augmented consumer platform for life sciences”?

With pre-trained AI that completely understands life sciences, WhizAI is designed for data insight accessibility for users regardless of data analytics expertise. The platform allows pharmaceutical companies to benefit from data-based decision making at every level.

Does WhizAI have any limitations on the volume of data it can analyze?

With WhizAI you can scale as you go thanks to the columnar storage and in-memory indexing design built into the WhizAI architecture. Achieve sub-second response time at scale delivering unmatched performance even as your users and data grow.

How long does it take to learn how to use WhizAI?

WhizAI is pre-trained for life sciences, and its natural language processing capabilities understand intent rather than just recognize specific keywords or standard phrases. So, users only need a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the platform and can begin accessing insights immediately afterward, simply by asking a question.

How can users connect with WhizAI?

You can integrate WhizAI with the business applications your team uses so they can access it with a click, whether working at their desks or on a smartphone or other mobile device.

What types of insights can WhizAI deliver?

WhizAI can analyze data from primary and secondary sources to provide a snapshot of your business, industry, and competitors. However, WhizAI can also identify trends that help you determine the next steps or accurately forecast. Additionally, WhizAI learns users behaviors and the information they need and can deliver insights before users even ask.

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